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Niger: Andrea Jamour is upset about the discussion about SRF

Niger: Andrea Jamour is upset about the discussion about SRF

“Why Nishar?”

Medium woman in a hornet’s nest over SRF Pronunciation Niger

SRF reports on the situation in Niger. Because journalists pronounce the country’s name in French, middle counselor Andrea Jamour is annoyed by the word “Wokeness.”


Center Counselor Andrea Gumour-Schönenberger is annoyed by the French pronunciation of Niger on SRF.

20 minutes / Matthias Speicher

  • In reporting on the situation in Niger, SRF journalists use the French pronunciation.

  • Central Chancellor Andrea Gmour became alarmed by this and turned off Leutschenbach’s “Wokeness”.

  • The announcer explains that the French pronunciation is more common in Switzerland.

Recently, a military coup took place in the West African country of Niger. That’s why the country dominates the headlines – also the general SRF. “Tageshau” is mentioned prominently on Dire situation.

But not everyone liked the reports. Lucerne Central Chancellor Andrea Gmur Schönenberger asks herself on the former Twitter post X: “Why was the name of the African country Niger recently pronounced in French ‘Nischär’ on radio and television and no longer in German?”

SRF: ‘Nischer’ is more common than ‘Niger’

In fact, the medium Florian Inhauser used the French version. The media house explains via X: “The reason is the common denominator. In this case, we assume that in Switzerland – with French as the national language – the French version is more familiar to the public than the German one. »

Gmür is not satisfied with the content of the answer. After all, SRF isn’t pronounced “Geneva” in the French version either. However, she thanks the announcer for the decent answer. Because most of the comments are full of “personal slurs”.

Mitte-Gmür: “The awakened debate goes too far for me”

In fact, the State Councilor is facing strong headwinds. Many users accused her of not caring about real problems. Someone accuses her of wanting to collect votes in right-wing constituencies.

Gmür had previously told Blue News: “The discussion of Woke now goes too far for me. We have come to a point where freedom of expression is threatened.” The accusation that she is pimping the right is absurd.

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