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NFL: Platzgummer provides a standout feature in Quiz Game

NFL: Platzgummer provides a standout feature in Quiz Game


After Bernhard Sikovic, Sandro Platzgommer also made his NFL debut on Saturday (local time). Tyrolean provided a real highlight at 7:12 between the New York Giants and their local rivals the Jets: the 48-yard run was the longest run of the entire game.

The 24-year-old, who had the ball four times in the Test, grabbed the playing equipment on his 1-yard line in the fourth quarter and broke through to the right before closing in just before the game. The midfield can be brought in and next to the bench giants. His teammates celebrated the successful play of their teammate, who was also embraced by star running back Saquon Barkley.

Platzjmer, who was also successful as the top striker for both teams with a total of 51 yards, was able to make an impression on his debut on the field. The Giants only managed 98 yards in the entire game. Before the start of the season on September 12, there are two test matches on the programme.

Platzjmer, who last year spent the entire season in the Giants coaching squad as part of the International Path Program (IPP) and was unable to book a test match due to the coronavirus pandemic, is hoping for a place in the 53-man final. Giants Band. It is also possible to get a place on the training list again, but it is no longer possible to get a fixed place through the program.

Seikovits also for the first time in the field

Bernhard Sikovits was first used on Friday (local time). The narrow end of the Vienna on the field at 19:16 was the Arizona Cardinals’ success against the Dallas Cowboys, without a passport seized. Sikovits, who was in charge of the blocks, worked more in special teams. “I have my first game with the Cardinals behind me, it was a surprise to be playing in front of our fans,” said the 23-year-old, who is hoping for more pre-season appearances.

Seikovits came to the Cardinals this year through the International Track Program (IPP), which promotes players outside the United States, and hopes to join the 53-player squad at the end of preparations. At least he could be an established part of the coaching team like Platzgummer in 2020.

With Tony Fritsch, Tony Lienhart and Raymond “Ray Wershing”, three local athletes played in the world’s most expensive league, all in the ’70s and ’80s and at the private kicker center.