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New Dreamliner: what Austrian Airlines is offering on board the first Boeing 787

New Dreamliner: what Austrian Airlines is offering on board the first Boeing 787

The Austrian national carrier will begin the first long-haul Dreamliner flight in mid-June. Tour on board the Austrian Airlines Boeing 787.

First of all, the circuits in Vienna and Bratislava were on the agenda. Since the beginning of the week, Austrian Airlines' first Dreamliner has been flying regularly to Berlin and Frankfurt. Through these flights, the cabin crew and cockpit can better familiarize themselves with the new aircraft model after retraining for several days.

However, the first major crew test took place on Saturday (May 25). Austrian Airlines sent a Boeing 787-9 from Vienna to Marrakesh and back. The return trip took three and a half hours each. This allowed flight attendants to practice proper long-distance service in real operations for the first time.

Different ovens, different lighting options

The anticipation of the cabin crew and the chef was equally impressive, especially since seven of them had never worked on a Dreamliner before. On the Boeing 787, the galleys are arranged differently, there are more modern ovens, steamers, beverage coolers and completely different lighting options.

But above all, the cabin is also new. The former Bamboo Airways aircraft offers 26 business class seats, 21 premium economy seats, and 247 economy class seats. They are not the same as those in AUA's current long-haul fleet. This also creates new challenges.

But what exactly does Austrian Airlines offer in the three categories of its Dreamliner? Find out in the gallery and video above. Clicking on the image opens the gallery in large format.