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Ivanovic, the new crown prince of UBS – inside Paradeplatz

Ivanovic, the new crown prince of UBS – inside Paradeplatz

Alexander Ivanovich who? Everyone should quickly get used to the name. Because he could be the next CEO of the most important Swiss company.

Ivanovic has overtaken his internal rivals in the race to replace Sergio Ermotti at the helm of UBS' operations.

This is what the source says.

First Crown Prince 1st Rank (A. Ivanovich; UPS)

“If Ivanovitch can turn around the struggling asset management division, he will be the next CEO,” the person said, referring to UBS insiders.

It will be the culmination of a rapid rise. Ivanovic was recently promoted to the executive board of the last major Swiss bank.

Two weeks ago he presented his internal leadership team. With that, he now has to make the Benjamin division, which has lagged behind the competition for years, sustainably profitable.

There's a lot right with Ivanovic. He's Swiss, has a good schoolbag, and has been in CS for a while. Above all, even though he is still young, he is a warhorse at UBS.

The Empire Searches for a Leader (IP)

from 1992 to 2008 He worked at Banking Center No. 1, learned retail and private banking from the ground up, and learned about investment banking at the UBS branch in London.

At CS, he was given the opportunity to take on greater responsibility – and as managing director, he was able to receive a significant bonus for the first time.

However, he was not happy. However, Ivanovic moved to Morgan Stanley in London after just three years, where he remained for five years.

Ivanovic fan? (C. Kelleher; UPS)

In 2016 he returned to the good old UBS port. Since then, he has quickly climbed the ladder one rung after another in asset management.

His time at Morgan Stanley could be a lottery pick for Ivanovic. At that time, none other than Colm Kelleher was in the top management of the large US bank.

He became head of UBS two years ago and will decide who will replace Ermotti within two years. Ivanovic will then be 49 years old. The command.

According to the Financial Times It had become clear that Kelleher would not choose an outside man or woman. “UBS rules out external successor to Scheer Sergio Ermotti,” was the headline in the paper this morning.

The favorite falls behind (Ai Khan; UPS)

This is very bad news for the favored candidates. Sabine Killer Posey and Iqbal Khan seem to have been left behind by the boisterous Ivanovic.

A message from the financial portal supports this thesis Tipping Point has gone viral recently. Khan will hand over all private banking services in the US to existing services Head of Investment Bank He should resign.

Lady in Blue (S. Keller-Busse; UPS)

Half the empire will be lost. For Khan, who still had many opponents over the Greensill Affair, it was a terrifying thought.

Killer-Boss, on the other hand, has a reputation for gathering supportive people around it. Apparently the same ones for years.

names Sabine MagriChief Operating Officer, Switzerland Division, Keller-Busse, from “Key Client Solutions” Kaya Bertoli And also from Andreas Kunzlera former McKinsey man integrating CS employees.

These said will be distinguished by their unconditional loyalty to the Big Boss – never questioning her orders.