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London wants to give 49 million to climate projects in Africa –

London wants to give 49 million to climate projects in Africa –

The UK will support £49m worth of climate change projects in Africa, which will be unveiled at the first Africa Climate Summit, Development and Africa Secretary Andrew Mitchell said.

“The UK is committed to tackling climate change in Africa and delivering on the promise of mutual benefit and credible investment,” the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office said in a press release.

These projects will focus on raising funds for climate action and helping people in Africa cope with the impacts of climate change. The fund will help create jobs, grow the economy and “improve the lives of women, farmers and vulnerable communities”.

“Our partnerships with African countries on green investment and climate resilience are growing economies and improving people’s lives. But more must be done as the few responsible for climate change bear the brunt of the impacts,” said Mitchell.

“The UK is working closely with African partners to tackle climate change, build resilience and help those whose lives are most affected,” he added.

The Climate Summit for Africa, taking place from 4 to 6 September and featuring the EU as a bilateral partner, aims to address the increasing burden. Climate change and address associated costs globally and specifically in Africa.