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LOK Report – Great Britain: Long Distance Transport in England

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A trip to the British Isles in April 2023 took me from London via the Midlands, Newcastle and Aberdeen to the northernmost stations of Thurso and Wick. Return to London via Glasgow, Settle, Bristol and Exeter. All in diesel! Only on the last leg from Reading to London did the GWR’s hybrid 802 switch to electric propulsion.

I don’t expect it in 2023. Although unreserved trains can be crowded during Easter traffic, everything is on time. Despite the full use of stand space, even in 1st class, there is no stress and surprisingly good atmosphere.

The load of long-distance traffic is now carried by Hitachi multi-units of BR 800 and 802 (dual-mode ET/VT) and 801 (ET) from LNER (‘Azuma’) and GWR (‘Intercity Express Train’). , which was introduced 5 years ago. Among the crossovers, it is mainly the Voyager (BR 220) and Super Voyager (BR 221 tilting technology) introduced in 2001-02, which are 200 km/h cross country from Bombardier and Avanti West Coast. Many of the older HST 125 (BR43) are occasionally seen in shortened form in service on the GWR, Cross Country and Scotrail.

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Pics taken 04/06/23 LNER’s Azumas next to old IC with DVT 82 225, LNER’s Azuma 800 205 and Grand Central’s (world’s first dual fuel train LNG passenger) 180 112 ‘James Heriot’ London King’s Cross. Plus, a night shot of the striking building opposite the hotel.

20230407 170517 20230407 170422

Then on April 7, 2023 at Edinburgh Waverley before departure of ET 803 001 from Plymouth, two combined Voyager (220 027)/Super Voyager (221 127) Lumo.

20230407 172103 20230409 162245

As well as two intercity (43 129 and 43 151) ready to depart from ScotRail. then 09.04.23 43 026 Glasgow as IC at Inverness,

20230413 104544 20230412 152432

43 207 cross country en route to Plymouth on 04/13/2023 and 800 035 in GWR’s colors at Bristol on 04/12/2023.

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