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Latest long-haul flight: Bamboo Airways is also discontinuing flights to Frankfurt

Latest long-haul flight: Bamboo Airways is also discontinuing flights to Frankfurt

The Vietnamese airline actually wanted to be on the route with 100 aircraft by 2024. Nothing came of it. Now, Frankfurt, Bamboo Airways’ final long-haul destination, may no longer be available.

Frankfurt was the last remaining long distance route. Bamboo Airlines, which once started with ambitious goals, has dramatically reduced its flight schedule for the winter schedule. Flights from Vietnam’s two largest cities to London Gatwick, Sydney and Melbourne have been cancelled.

Contact remained only with Germany. It was also the first international flight served by the Vietnamese low-cost airline. That seems to be over now too. It is no longer possible to book flights to Frankfurt on the airline’s website.

Nothing will come of 100 planes by 2024

From the beginning, Bamboo Airways’ goals were very ambitious. Founded in 2017, with the first flight in 2019, the private Vietnamese airline wanted to be on the route with a fleet of 100 aircraft by 2024. However, there are currently only 29 aircraft.

The first long-haul connections should begin in 2020. Bamboo has ordered 20 Boeing 787-9 aircraft for this purpose. The airline took delivery of its first Dreamliner in December 2019 – shortly before the pandemic hit.

The last long-distance destination is gone

But Covid-19 thwarted Bamboo Airways’ plans. Previously initiated and announced international routes had to be temporarily halted because the government closed borders to foreign travelers again. In Europe, Bamboo originally planned Munich and Prague as its first destinations, but they were never included.

Eventually, Frankfurt became the airline’s top destination in Germany. It now appears that he will be the last to be deleted. However, none of this is official yet. The airline is undergoing restructuring. But they are also said to be in close discussions with Airbus and Boeing regarding aircraft purchases.