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Aldi: Discount stores are running out of customers — and many are bitterly disappointed

Aldi: Discount stores are running out of customers — and many are bitterly disappointed

Aldi Nord customers have had to wait a whole two years – and now their patience is being rewarded: the discount store is already launching its third fashion collection!

fashion? From Aldi? In reality. In 2021, clothes bearing the Aldi logo became some of the best-selling clothes of all time – but then the campaign was discontinued. Until now. On Monday 16 October, Aldi Nord launches the third collection.

Customer anticipation is huge – but many interested parties rushing to the discount store now may have to prepare for disappointment.

Aldi with a new fashion collection

It all started in 2021. Aldi Nord released its first “Aldimania” collection – signature “Aldiletten” jackets, T-shirts, socks and slippers with the Aldi logo (>> more here). Items bearing the “Aldi Original” logo became instant hits. This was followed by a follow-up collection with Christmas hats, sweaters and socks in the same year. Even Aldi Süd was finally allowed to participate and brought back some old products for a short period this summer (>> We reported on it).

But now Aldi Nord is back again with a brand new range – “Aldi Original” entering the third round. And this time it’s not the discount company’s logo on the front, but rather its own brands from the Aldi shelves.

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Ten artists from all over Germany created clothing items based on Aldi Nord’s own brands, with which the designers are personally connected. Whether it is the fruit juice brand “Rio d’Oro”, the detergent “Tandil” or legendary items such as “River” Cola or “Nusskati”. Some people may feel nostalgic – which is why Aldi Nord is advertising the collection on Instagram with a vintage 90s VHS look.

Aldi clothing is not available in store

But anyone who rushes to the discount store to get one of the coveted pieces is likely to be sorely disappointed. First, the clothes aren’t even sold at your local store – and second, they’re so limited that very few people have a real chance of getting one.

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In fact, Aldi’s new range is only available through the competition. To do this, you can either buy their own brands from Aldi Nord and then upload your receipt to the discount site – or you can post something on Snapchat using the ‘Aldi Original 3.0’ filter there.