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Kubily Türkyilmaz on the case of FCB Commander Valentin Stoker

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“Frame right! Stalker is not a leader, not a leader.”

Columnist Blick Kubily Türkyilmaz speaks clearly about Captain Basel’s new scooter, Valentin Stoker.

The fact that Patrick Freimer left his captain Valentin Stocker to stew on the bench in a full match for the third time this season is an example of the fact that Stocker is no longer a captain! Especially since two of the three matches were against YB. General games! Especially since the framework desperately seeks explanations rather than saying clearly: This is no longer enough!

Because: the frame is right! Also, Stalker is not a leader to me, not a leader. If you just look at his performance, over the season and in every game, it’s like the weather in Ireland: one day it’s fine, with lots of sunshine, but the next moment it’s raining. In Stalker, rainy hues now reign supreme. As in Ireland.