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King Charles III: Clear sign – he has bad suspicions

King Charles III: Clear sign – he has bad suspicions

The past few days have not been easy for the British royal family. First the news that Kate Middleton was in the hospital for abdominal surgery, then King Charles III was staying in the hospital. Due to an enlarged prostate, and last but not least, the King's shocking cancer diagnosis.

His youngest son, Prince Harry, also caused unrest in the country with his quick 24-hour visit. Experts already suspect that there is more to it than that!

Is it about King Charles III? So maybe worse than expected?

King Charles III: Clear sign – he has bad suspicions

Prince Harry met his father for just half an hour at Clarence House in London – the King's residence. Half an hour during which the Duke of Sussex flew 8,750 kilometers from Los Angeles to London to see his sick father. Only to then return to his adopted home to his wife, Meghan Markle.

+++ Interest in King Charles III. After the cancer shock – he should definitely take this seriously now +++

Robert Jobson, an expert on the royal family, told The British Sun that Harry's appearance could make anxious Britons fear the worst. Jobson: “That's one of the reasons why Charles probably didn't want the whole drama.” The expert continued: “The fact that Harry flew over the plane indicates that his condition could be much worse than it actually is.”

Therefore, he believes that many people think it is bad because he specially boarded the plane. Above all, the fact that Harry has made such a long journey, even though he has not been on good terms with his father since the interviews he gave and the book exposed against the royal family, seems to worry some fans. Jobson: “Harry brings a certain amount of drama with him. Will there be a reconciliation with William and the King? That stirs up the whole pot.”

Whether it was King Charles III. With his son during the 30 minutes there is still doubt, but it is certain that there was no reconciliation with his brother, Prince William. After all, Prince Harry did not meet the heir to the throne during his visit.

The next few months will show just how bad things are for the reigning monarch after he was diagnosed with cancer. However, Buckingham Palace said in its statement about a week ago: “His Majesty the King began a regular treatment plan today, in which doctors advised him to postpone public duties,” and he is “completely positive” about his treatment and is happy to see. We look forward to returning to public service as soon as possible.

Charles' wife, Camilla, also gave every reason for hope at a public meeting with her first words after the statement, emphasizing: “He is doing very well under the circumstances.”