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Karting: This Swiss could be the next Verstappen

Karting: This Swiss could be the next Verstappen


Is this 14-year-old Swiss the next Verstappen?

14-year-old Tiziano Cusnini from Eich is possibly the youngest kart driver from Switzerland to win the championship title. He talks about his extraordinary life for 20 minutes.


Tiziano Cosnini from Lucerne recently won the Italian Karting Championship title in the Junior X30 class. In 20 minutes he tells how he started his sports career with a homemade kart.

Arabic Koznini

  • Tiziano Cusinini from AH is the Italian champion in his age group at 14 years old.

  • The kart driver tells us for 20 minutes how he first trained using a kart he built himself…

  • …and how he deals with difficult situations on the race track.

Eich’s Tiziano Cosnini is only 14 years old and is already the Italian champion in the junior X30 class. “This title means a lot to me,” says Kosnini, who recently led his rival by two seconds. Race to the end.

It travels at a speed of 130 km/h

Passion for race The 14-year-old shares it with his father. “My father gave me a go-kart, and we often drove it to the track to practice,” Kosnini tells 20 Minutes. Now the Lucerne races around the racetrack at speeds of up to 130 km/h. “When things get tough, it helps to take a deep breath and focus on the road.”

He learned this mental strategy in his training: “I have physical training twice a week Mindset training me every evening.” But how does Koznini juggle training, trips to Italy and school? “I go to the sports school in Krenz. My teachers know when I race. Then I work on the material or take my homework with me on the track.

Competitors are picked up by helicopter

“I am happy every time I travel to Italy. “I love Italian food,” he says. But: “The financial differences between drivers are stark. Some of my fellow competitors are taken to the track by helicopter and taken to their lunch break.

“But what bothers me more than anything else,” Kosnini continues, “is that these people can buy better, more expensive engines that hold up better on the dry track and thus win. But when the track is wet, it no longer matters which engine you drive with. Then I usually win.” ” According to Koznini, there needs to be better regulation regarding what type of engines are allowed and what are not.

But why would the man from Lucerne drive to Italy?

Cosnini won the Swiss championship title in the Super Minis category in 2021. He now drives for the Italian Driver Racing Kart team because the competition abroad is more demanding than in Switzerland. “Here I can drive at a higher level, with the aim of becoming Formula 1 World Champion at some stage.” Max Verstappenwho also started his karting career when he was young, is his role model.

However, the whole thing is not possible without sponsors, stresses Cosnini. And: “My family and my team are always there for me and they are there for every race, whether things go well or not. I’m really happy about that.”

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