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Die Endhaltestelle der U 4 samt Wendemöglichkeit auf dem Karl-Benz-Platz soll wegfallen. Foto: Lichtgut/Max K/valenko

Karl-Benz-Platz Untertürkheim: SPD demands closure of U4 – Untertürkheim station

The end of the U 4 will be eliminated, including the possibility of turning on the Karl-Benz-Platz. Photo: Lichtgut/Max K/valenko

Two light rail lines operate at Karl-Benz-Platz in Untertürkheim – one of which is too much for SPD. Municipal parliamentary group calls for U4 end to be abandoned.

subordinate Karl Benz Square Untertürkheim has two tram stops – that’s quite a lot, at least from the point of view of the SPD parliamentary group in the Stuttgart municipal council. In a proposal, the Social Democrats are asking Stuttgarter Strassenbahn AG (SSB) to develop proposals for a solution in order to be able to abandon the last station on the U 4 line. In this way, more space and ultimately more quality accommodation will be created in the area, which is important for the region Because it is located in a central location.

Create more space with IBA Project

30 years ago, the area between the train station and Lindenschulviertel, formerly used as a purely traffic area, became a car-free zone. It was also intended as a fairground and lounge, but was used more as an area Unpopular transportation hub tangible. Many ideas have already been discussed – without result. SPD now sees the possibility of upgrading Karl-Benz-Platz as part of the International Building Exhibition (IBA) 2027. “Thanks to IBA’s ‘City on the River – Networking Untertürkheim’ project, a much-needed large plaza can be created.

U4 is to continue running on the U13 to Gerlingen

As a result, Untertürkheim is experiencing sustainable improvement in public spaces and good connectivity with the river”, explains city councilor Michael Gantz. Specifically, the Social Democrats proposed using the U 4 line, which previously operated between Hölderlinplatz and Untertürkheim, as a reinforcement line for the U 13 line. (From Hedelfingen to Feuerbach) in the direction of Gerlingen. Alternatively, the turning facility can be moved to Augsburger Strasse between Schlotterbeckstrasse and Eszet stations on U 13 line. “The planned use of the U 13 stop with U 4 line would gain significant space. Furthermore, by eliminating the rotor, there will be enough space for an efficient rotor, which in turn will allow for significant regeneration of the street space around the square,” says Gantzer.