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Jon Stewart completely dismantles Tucker Carlson

Jon Stewart completely dismantles Tucker Carlson

Jon Stewart (right) doesn't say anything good about Tucker Carlson's trip to Russia.Screenshot: Youtube

February 20, 2024, 11:35 amFebruary 20, 2024, 12:20 pm

Jon Stewart hasn't appeared on the “Daily Show” in nine years. Now the American comedian is back on his late night show. After his return last week Joe Biden and Donald Trump He was now dealing with Tucker Carlson.

With Tucker Carlson, who recently interviewed Vladimir Putin and who doesn't take the truth too seriously. Much has already been written and discussed about Carlson's interview and his trip to Moscow. But perhaps few have hit the mark with their analysis as Jon Stewart did on Monday night.

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Carlson visits a Russian supermarket

Stewart first focused on Carlson's report from a department store in Russia. He was agitated by the necessity of putting money in the shopping cart. “It's free, but there's an incentive to park the car and not just return it to the homeless shelter,” Carlson said.

“I know, I've said that before. But you're like…” Stewart responded, “I didn't realize that America's homeless problem was entirely due to easy access to shopping carts.”

Tucker Carlson and Jon Stewart

Carlson raves about Russian shopping carts.Screenshot: YouTube

After praising Russian bread and convenient supermarket escalators, Carlson talked about money. The former Fox News host said the entire purchase cost him just $104.

Tucker Carlson in the supermarket

Purchase cost is $104.Screenshot: YouTube

A statement that Stewart definitely doesn't want to leave his place. “$104 for groceries seems like a good deal,” Stewart said. “Unless you realize that Russians make less than $200 a week.” This is the context that a journalist should actually provide.

John Stewart based his analysis on this. “That's the truth,” the late-night host said. “You know all this. Because you are not as stupid as your face makes us think.”

Carlson's goal is to convey that there are no major differences between the Russian and American systems. If so, the Russian system might be a little better.

“But now they believe that the new battle has become awake versus not awake. In this battle, Putin is considered an ally of the right. He's her boyfriend.”

Jon Stewart

“The question is, why would Tucker do this?” said Stewart, who immediately provided the answer. “The battle of ancient civilization was communism versus capitalism. “Russia was the enemy at that time,” Stewart said. “But now they believe that the new battle has become awake versus not awake. In this battle, Putin is considered an ally of the right. He is her friend. Unfortunately, he is also a brutal and ruthless dictator. That is why they began to accustom Americans to this idea. Freedom is nice, but have you ever seen Russian shopping carts?

There was something there…

This isn't the first time Jon Stewart has feuded with Tucker Carlson. In 2004, the comedian appeared on CNN's political show “Crossfire” and grilled the hosts, Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson. Instead of promoting his book, he criticized “Crossfire” from the ground up.

Nearly 20 years ago: Stewart takes on Carlson in “Crossfire.”

The New York Times later wrote that the moment was so shameful for Carlson that it led to the show being cancelled. The Atlantic claimed that Stewart's appearance marked a turning point in Carlson's career that led to the presenter reinventing himself.

It can be compared to the moment when Barack Obama met Donald Trump Correspondents' dinner button. But that's another story. (Sama)

no time? Putin's 2-hour interview in 6 minutes

Video: Watson

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