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Janet: USA’s secret airline is looking for a new operator

Janet: USA’s secret airline is looking for a new operator

Top secret passenger airline? What sounds like a thriller actually exists. Now Gannett, the name of the US government airline, is looking for a new partner.

The name does not seem particularly mysterious. When it comes to Janet, many people may think of Janet Jackson, others may think of Janet from The Rocky Horror Show, and others may simply think of a woman. But Gannett is also the name of an obscure airline.

It has been around since the 1970s and is not named after one person. The name is derived from Cointment aer nNetwork work for Hmployee TTransfer. It’s funny too Cust anot her non me-HExisting TSpeaks permanently (another station is not present). There are no publicly available documents or records about the airline’s flights. Everything, as they say in the US: secret.

Secret station in Las Vegas

Janet flies from Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, where she has her own terminal. However, this does not appear on site maps – hence Janet’s second translation. The airline operates a fleet of six Boeing 737-600 aircraft, formerly operated by Air China, and five Beech King Aires.

The planes don’t have any lettering, just a red stripe on the side. Until now, the underground airline is operated by service provider Aecom. But this is changing now.

Strictly confidential approval

As Flightglobal reported, the US Air Force is searching for a new operator for the Janet mission. This requires more than just aircraft operating skills. “The government needs safe and reliable air transportation between various points in the continental United States,” according to the Nov. 7 request for proposals.

“This critical operation must be viewed as a no-fail mission.” In fact, everyone who works for and with Janet must obtain proper clearance from the Secret Service. Some time ago, a job advertisement for cabin crew stated that a top-secret level security clearance was “highly desirable.” This is the highest level in the United States before secrecy and secrecy.

Every day, seven days a week

From Las Vegas, Janet transports staff to US military research bases. Some – such as the legendary Area 51 – cannot be reached by car for safety reasons. That’s why employees need flights with Janet – it’s also a top-secret airline.

The new operator’s tender states that the contractor will fly to four locations within a radius of about 300 miles daily, seven days a week. The government requires up to 190 assignments per week.