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iX Workshop: Passwordless authentication using passkeys, FIDO, SSO, and more

iX Workshop: Passwordless authentication using passkeys, FIDO, SSO, and more

Cybercriminals hijack millions of accounts every day, primarily by stealing passwords. No wonder, because password authentication dates back to the last millennium, and therefore suffers from significant conceptual weaknesses. Part of the success of attackers is due to our carelessness and laziness: many of us often use very simple passwords and even use the same word for more than one service. This is why the concept of a password is not very suitable for warding off modern attacks.


Therefore, security experts rely on conceptually secure authentication methods such as passkeys. In our popular series of practice-oriented iX workshops, we show how to efficiently integrate passkeys into your server environment. With passkeys, you can log in to online services quickly and securely, without annoying passwords or special devices like smart cards and readers. This new method is not only more convenient, but also more secure, because passkeys solve one of the biggest security problems today: phishing.

In the online workshop Modern authentication with and without password Learn about modern alternatives and discover the role PKI and FIDO certificates and passkeys play. You will learn how to manage certificates, use certificate-based authentication, and implement security concepts in real-world scenarios. This includes setting up SSH and smart card authentication as well as securing web applications and virtual private networks (VPNs).

You will apply your newly acquired knowledge through exercises in a secure virtual environment equipped with OpenSSL and Active Directory certificate services. The workshop will be led by security expert Ruben Gonzalez from Neodyme AG. He has been working on vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities in IT systems for ten years. In addition to his main job, he is a visiting researcher in the field of post-quantum cryptography at the Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy.

The workshop will be held on May 28 and 29, 2024 and is aimed at administrators, IT security officials and developers who want to expand their knowledge of modern authentication methods and strengthen their security practices against increasing cyber threats. Participation in this workshop is limited to 12 people in order to enable a lively exchange with the trainer and other participants.

The iX workshops program for the first half of 2024 can be downloaded

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