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It offers great co-op functionality in all games, Dolby Atmos for home theater enthusiasts and much more

It offers great co-op functionality in all games, Dolby Atmos for home theater enthusiasts and much more

The system software reaches 8.00 – with many innovations.

Firmware 8.0 has been available to Insiders in beta since June 31, and now you can all download it. And this time it’s really worth it, because the new system software for the PS5 improves in many places and offers a smart access option as well as an audio innovation for home theater owners, a new version of the Party function and many social features.

All information about firmware update 8.00:

With a download size of just 1,175GB, the new firmware update, which carries build number 23.02-08.00.00, is relatively small.

However, the content is quite convincing. The following functions are included:

Control the game at the same time using two controllers

Sony is catching up with the competition in this aspect, because the so-called “copilot” has been on Xbox for a long time. The PS5 also offers the option to connect an additional controller that you can use to support your friends or kids while they play.

Two controllers become one, so to speak.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a DualSense, DualSense Edge or a third-party gamepad, the functionality is compatible with all controllers.

Here you will find the option:

  • Settings
  • Accessibility
  • Controllers
  • Use a second controller as an auxiliary controller
  • Use the auxiliary console

Dolby Atmos on PS5

Sony originally rejected the Dolby Atmos 3D home cinema format; And only the Blu-Ray player was able to loop through the audio standard:

As part of firmware 8.0, games can now also output Dolby Atmos.

At least as long as they have PS5 audio technology Storm Uses. This is mostly used in Sony exclusives like Returnal or The Last of Us Part 1, but some third-party titles like Resident Evil: Village or Crash Bandicoot 4 also use Tempest 3D Audio.

annoying: In contrast to DualSense features like haptic feedback or adaptive triggers, as well as PSVR 2-enabled games, the PlayStation Store lacks a tag to identify Tempest-compatible games.

In the future, entertainment apps will also be able to output Dolby Atmos, but this will require an update to the service in question.

You can learn more about the new audio standard on PS5 here:

You can activate the sound function here:

  • Settings
  • amount
  • audio output
  • Audio Format (Priority)
  • Dolby Atmos

The maximum PS5 memory expansion size increases to 8TB

Previously, you could install an M.2 SSD with a maximum of 4TB of storage in your PS5, but now it has up to 8TB.

Purchasing such storage expansion can also cost a lot of money. As this model shows:

We’ve summarized how to use memory expansion here:

You can now turn down the BEEP sound! High when your PS5 starts up or shuts down completely

Since the advent of the PlayStation 3, the bright signal tone has wanted to be etched into your hearing, which is recognizable but can also be incredibly annoying.

For example, if your partner just wants to get the sleep they deserve. Or you can just put your baby to bed.

With Firmware 8.0, it is possible to change the volume so that the loud whistling does not echo in your apartment. To do this go to:

  • Settings
  • System
  • beep

You can learn more about Acoustic Relief here:

PlayStation Access Controller Support

On December 6th, Sony took a big step towards accessibility. Previously, PS5 exclusive games in particular were the typical example of an accessibility attack by the PS5 manufacturer, and now the corresponding hardware is following PlayStation Access.

To put it simply, PlayStation Access is a replacement controller that has a modular build and can be combined with another Access or DualSense controller.

You can learn more about it in the video here:

PS5 Access Controller: The trailer highlights features that make games more accessible

Start the video


PS5 Access Controller: The trailer highlights features that make games more accessible

Or in our general article:

Party function revised

Update 8.00 fundamentally reshapes the way you use parties. It’s now possible to start parties without having to create a message group first.

Additionally, players who do not belong to a message group can now be added to groups. This is practical, of course, so that not everyone can read what you discuss privately with your friends.

Not only individuals, but entire groups can be invited to these completely renewed parties. Overall, it is a very clever concept that puts an end to the complex nature of the previous party function.

The party function is now much easier to use.

The party function is now much easier to use.

Other new features for the update

In addition to the innovations we’ve detailed in more detail, update 8.0 also includes the following modifications:

  • Generally
    • You can now enter your profile in your profile [meistgespielten] List of games by time.
    • QR codes are expanded during registration.
    • Games can be searched in [Bibliothek] From now on you will be limited to the games you own.
    • Activity cards have been rearranged to provide greater clarity. It also contains more information about your goals and relevant advice.
    • Now you can see how many are in the Game Center [Turnieren] You’ve shared and what’s your best spot.
  • Social features
    • The new icon indicates that you can join a friend’s game and you can also do so directly by pressing the options button [Mitspielen]. But it is also possible to join via profile card.
    • If someone in your party… [Bildschirmfreigabe] It has been activated, and you can see the preview in the future.
    • You can now reply to messages using emojis.
    • [Geteilte Medien] Such as screenshots or gameplay clips that can be included [Gruppen] In the [Optionen] to look at her.
  • video
    • Information below [Einstellungen], [Bildschirm und Video] And then [Videoausgabe] It has become clearer. You will now receive information about HDR, VRR, and all supported frame rates for all resolutions of your HDMI device.
  • Accessibility
    • There is a new area with [Tipps zu “Entdecken”], Which you have more [Einstellungen], [Leitfäden und Tipps, Gesundheit und Sicherheit und weitere Informationen] And then [Leitfäden und Tipps] can be activated.
    • You can turn on haptic feedback when switching between PS5 menus. This goes down [Einstellungen], [Barrierefreiheit], [Controller] And [Haptisches Feedback beim Navigieren auf der Konsole].
    • If you reach the end point while navigating the menu, you will now hear a noticeable signal tone.
  • Languages
    • The screen reader now supports Turkish, Swedish, and Portuguese (Portugal).
    • Using the on-screen keyboard via [Eingabesprache] And an external keyboard, Cangjie’s simplified method can be used [traditionellen Chinesisch] Modified.
    • Useful content can now be controlled using voice commands. (Only available with US and UK PSN accounts)
    • Voice command “What’s new?” new. This calls up information about new PS5 functionality and PS Plus content. (Only available with US and UK PSN accounts)

How to download firmware update 8.00:

The system software starts updating automatically if you use its automatic update function [automatische Herunterladen] respectively [Installieren] under [System], [Systemsoftware], [Update und Einstellungen der Systemsoftware] Enabled.

Alternatively, you can also pay it by starting an online title like Fortnite or Call of Duty: Warzone 2. The PSN servers then make sure you have the latest PS5 update, otherwise there could be cheaters in the multiplayer.

You can also get the update manually at:

  • Settings
  • System
  • System software
  • System software updates and settings

If you don’t have an Internet connection, you can also update offline using a USB drive. You can find the operation instructions and necessary update file on Sonys website Official support page.

This is what’s happening on PlayStation now

It makes sense that the PS5 is Sony’s main focus and will also be getting some new releases this year. Take the graphically impressive superhero adventure Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which is coming to your living room on October 20.

Or the PlayStation Portable portal, about which we’ve compiled all the information here:

In addition, a new version of the PS5 appears to be in the works, which will feature an adapted design with a removable drive and a more powerful Pro version is also rumored.

The coming weeks will not be boring by any means, as 2023 still has a lot in store for you. Whether that’s in the form of games, additional PS5 models, or new features. Rumor has it that a State of Play with corresponding announcements could follow in September.

What is the highlight of your 8.00 firmware? Is there perhaps a certain point that you have been wanting for a long time?