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Horizon: Forbidden West: Leak: PC version is likely on the way

Horizon: Forbidden West: Leak: PC version is likely on the way

Signs seem to be growing that Sony will release another of its blockbuster films for PC. In this case, it’s the action sequel Horizon: Forbidden West.

If a new leak is anything to go by, the blockbuster PlayStation game Horizon: Forbidden West will find its way to PC in the near future. This means that Sony will continue its efforts in this field.

Horizon: Forbidden West received mostly positive reviews upon its launch on PS5 and also turned out to be a commercial success. Metacritic has a score of 88, and the subsequent “Burning Shores” DLC was well received.

The fact that both will now also appear in the PC bundle is on the one hand logical, but on the other hand almost confirmed. Because: The leak comes from Billbil-kun via Dealabs – this source has been shown to be very reliable in the past and has never been wrong.

Accordingly, there will be a full release consisting of the main game and DLC for PC, which will be released via Steam and in the Epic Games Store. Billbil-kun hasn’t been able to give a specific release date yet, so we’ll probably have to wait for an official announcement from Sony about this. It can now be considered relatively certain that this will happen.

In the past, the leaker has mainly drawn attention to himself with leaks about monthly games available on PS Plus and regularly mentions them accurately days before the official announcement. Other leaks about PlayStation have also turned out to be regularly accurate.

In recent months, Sony has also put Returnal, The Last of Us: Part I, and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart on PC and has always maintained that it wants to strengthen its efforts there. It would be the next logical step!

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The Burning Shores DLC is a stunning conclusion to Horizon: Forbidden West.