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Incredible Perseverance: Matt Fultz Repeats Big Z (8C+)

Incredible Perseverance: Matt Fultz Repeats Big Z (8C+)

Matt Fultz secures the second ascent of the 8C+ Boulder Big Z at Lake Tahoe. He has invested a good thirty sessions spread over three years in Sean Rabuto's test piece as of 2020.

“I'm so happy! “What a process and what a personal success for me,” says Matt Fultz happily after ascending Big Z (8C+). Sean Rabuto's test piece in Lake Tahoe is not only the hardest rock he has ever climbed, but also The most intense in terms of the process from planning to the final climb.

Honestly, this was the first time I really understood that the problem was bigger and more important than just the number associated with it.

Matt Fultz

Video: Matt Fultz on the second ascent of Big Z

Through deep doubts and frustration to succeed

“This rock made me doubt myself and asked so much more of me than I thought I could give.” He stopped believing in himself, Matt Fultz says.

I used to suffer from serious imposter syndrome when people called me a “professional climber.”

Matt Fultz

Matt Fultz isn't sure if this feeling of inadequacy despite his success will go away with the rise of Big Z. “However, I know that I am very grateful for this experience and the frustrations that allowed me to learn more about myself.”

Big Z: Three years, 30 sessions

The American has tried Big Z repeatedly over the past three years. For the first ten sessions the line seemed impossible.

I was so tall that I couldn't get into the right positions and my fingers didn't fit into the slits.

Matt Fultz

He only kept trying because he knew it would be good for him to work on his weaknesses. “At some point, I developed a beta version of the knee clamp with which I was able to decipher the middle part.” At the same time, the knees make transitioning to the next moves significantly more difficult.

After about 20 more sessions, I reached the summit on my first attempt of the day full of confidence.

Matt Fultz

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