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Immerse yourself in the digital world

Immerse yourself in the digital world

Enthusiasm for digital activation at trade shows, events and points of sale is growing rapidly. The digital specialists at Messerli explain how smart use of these powerful tools leads to success.

General report

September 6, 2023

Digital Experience: Effective Digital Activations for Customers (

It can be worn when used at trade shows or events Digital activation Helps enhance interaction with visitors. They act as icebreakers and motivate target groups with fun and interaction. They convey messages in a fun way and ensure constant enthusiasm. It is not surprising that more and more people are attracted to these wonderful technologies.

Digital Experience: Effective Digital Activations for Customers (

Access and personalization as added value

Compared to traditional physical stimulation, digital formats offer a variety of advantages. One of the main benefits is that once content is created, it can be used flexibly on different devices and in different locations. This multiplication results in a significant increase in range. Digital content can also be updated with little effort and adapted to new topics as desired. This takes any development costs into account and ensures the content always stays up to date.

Customer requests and customization can also be implemented well in the field of digital games. In interactive games, graphics, animations and messages can be individually adapted to suit the company. This results in simple and effective activations that can be seamlessly integrated into the respective company’s presence.

Another big advantage is the automation and customization of lead generation. Digital contests or surveys can be used to gain leads and valuable insights about your target group. With these new insights, offers can be more precisely tailored to their needs.

Success with digital storytelling

Messerli uses the most innovative digital storytelling technologies and trends to tell stories in an original and exciting way at all touchpoints. This results in the real and digital world becoming a comprehensive experience that appeals to all senses and transports visitors to another world. One successful example illustrating the combination of different activation formats is the appearance of USTER Technologies at the trade show at ITMA 2023 in Milan. In the Reference case Find out how the Swiss textile technology company managed to make its trade show appearance more innovative and successful and attract more qualified leads.

USTER Technologies’ innovative pavilion concept (

Discover digital solutions in the Digital Lab

Would you also like to immerse your company in the digital world and present your messages in a new and innovative way? Messerli has a dedicated 350 square meter facility in Wetzikon Gallery Furnished. Here visitors can registration Discover the latest innovative leasing solutions and technologies.

Digital Lab in Wetzikon – discover new technologies now! (

Messerli’s digital experience specialists look forward to hearing from you in order to develop tailored digital solutions for your next look!