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“Humiliated” and “Humiliated”: Harry is not mentioned in his military academy book

“Humiliated” and “Humiliated”: Harry is not mentioned in his military academy book

Despite his deployment to Afghanistan, Prince Harry is mentioned only in passing in a new book about the British Army. His brother William wrote the introduction to the book.

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British media describe it as 'insulting' and 'insulting': Prince Harry is not mentioned in a book about Sandhurst Military Academy graduates – despite his deployment to Afghanistan.

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  • Prince Harry was not mentioned as a “distinguished graduate” of Britain's Sandhurst Military Academy.
  • In the book, which lists 200 alumni, Harry is only mentioned briefly in a minor paragraph.
  • The younger brother extricated himself from it through his autobiography, “Spear,” and his abdication of queen and country for California, as the British newspaper “Sun” wrote.

200 soldiers are named in the Sandhurst Academy book. They are considered the “most honorable graduates” of this military training facility. This is what the British write “sun”.

The newspaper also describes the removal of Prince Harry from these 200 names as a “humiliating strike” against the royal family. Especially since his brother William wrote the introduction.

The Sun went so far as to claim that Harry would join forces with fascist politician Oswald Mosley and SS officer Benson Freeman. He even lost to singer James Blunt – the Briton served in the army for a long time.

Harry didn't do anything unusual

The reason for Prince Harry's omission may be due to his boasting: in his book “The Reserve” he talks about people who were killed in Afghanistan. He also abandoned the Queen and his homeland in California.

The Sun also spoke with British Commander Richard Kemp. The soldier understands Harry's omission: “I probably would have included him on the list, but not seeing him there is not disappointing.”

Harry didn't do anything unusual during his time at Sandhurst: “But he was an important figure at the academy.” The Prince completed 44 weeks of training at Sandhurst and left the academy the following year as an officer cadet.

Giving up the title was painful

William completed the same course as Harry at Sandhurst Military Academy the following year. The heir to the throne also wrote the introduction to the book.

The book also says about the eldest brother: “As the future king, he was not allowed to be sent on missions – unlike his younger brother Harry.”

Prince Harry has always been proud of his service in the British Army. It was painful for him to give up all his royal titles when he left his royal duties with his wife, Meghan, in 2021.

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