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How to use the new text formatting

How to use the new text formatting

WhatsApp: How to use the new formatting functions

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In some cases it would be practical if Formatting text in WhatsApp You will allow. Fortunately, the Messenger handles this carefully and saves us from Comic Sans and Another style flowers.

So far that was absolute Text formatting basics It is possible on WhatsApp. Now comes the messenger from Zuckerberg More formatting options Additive that can be applied using simple text strings.

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New text formatting

Recently added bullet point, Numbering, Quote blocks And Embedded code. The respective functions can be used with the following text blocks.

  • bullet point They are presented with “-⁠ bullet points”.
  • to Numbering You simply put “1.” Before
  • quotes Possible with “>quotes”.
  • to Embedded code You can simply put the text ` and `

For bullets and numbering, the respective formatting persists accordingly when you enter a newline with Enter key the changes.

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Formatting basics

Previous formatting options remain unaffected by the new features. These basics can either be applied to the corresponding text sequence, or you can select the text in question, click on it again and select “Format” in the pop-up menu.

Here are the text sequences to format again:

  • *Bold or fat*
  • _Italic or oblique_
  • ~to cross out~
  • “`Monospaced font“`

By the way, this comes to anyone who uses WhatsApp in the browser on a laptop or desktop Tilda~ Using a keyboard shortcut Alt+n Under macOS and combine Alt gram and + On Windows.

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