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Hospital attack in Gaza: US says Israel not responsible

Hospital attack in Gaza: US says Israel not responsible

After reviewing data and images, the United States believes Israel is not responsible for Tuesday’s blast at a hospital in the Gaza Strip, a White House spokesman said.


According to the information received so far, Israel did not attack the Ahli Arab Hospital in the Gaza Strip. The basis for the assessment is an assessment of aerial photographs, intercept information and publicly available evidence, National Security Council (NSC) spokesman Adrian Watson explained via texting service X, earlier on Twitter. Assessments will continue.

Tsahal publishes Islamic audio message

A rocket attack on a hospital in Gaza has sparked widespread outrage around the world. Initially, many blamed the Israeli military. But Israel’s military blamed the attack on “Islamic Jihad”.

The day after the attack, Dassahal released a video and said an audio recording showed the Islamist group admitting its guilt. Hamas knows this too.

Israel sees “cover-up” and “Hamas media propaganda”.

Israeli military spokesman Flotilla Admiral Daniel Hagari told a press conference on Wednesday: “Hamas has reviewed the reports and determined that the Islamic Jihad missile was misguided. And it has decided to launch a global one,” as they launched a media campaign. As far as what actually happened, they went so far as to inflate the number of victims. They knew for sure it was a misguided missile from Islamic Jihad.”

The rocket was reportedly launched from a nearby graveyard.

Ursula van der Leyen speaks of a “fiery hell.”

Many European politicians condemned the shelling of the hospital. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told the EU Parliament: “A hospital in Gaza with hundreds of injured people has become a fiery inferno. The scenes at Al Ahli Hospital are horrific and shocking. No excuses. A hospital full of civilians for shelling.”

3,300 died in Gaza and 1,400 in Israel

In Gaza, a total of 3,300 people have been killed and more than 13,000 injured since the start of the latest conflict, according to Palestinian officials. Israel reported 1,400 deaths and 3,500 injuries. The number of people killed in the attack on the hospital in Gaza could not be verified the next day.