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Historic Change - Karen-Jean-Pierre Appointed New White House Press Secretary - News

Historic Change – Karen-Jean-Pierre Appointed New White House Press Secretary – News


The 44-year-old succeeds Gene Sacchi, making it a historic moment.

It’s a moment for the history books. Karen-Jean-Pierre becomes the first openly gay black woman to become a White House spokeswoman. The 44-year-old succeeds Jen Psaki, US President Joe Biden’s press secretary since taking office in January 2021.


Karen Jean-Pierre and Jean Psaki

Keystone / Evan Fauci

“This is a historic moment and I did not miss it,” Jean-Pierre said at a news conference on Thursday. She knows how important this position is to many people.

Another step towards diversity

US President Joe Biden has long promised to build his government under the banner of diversity. It is important to him that his cabinet team reflect the diversity of the American population in terms of skin color, sexual orientation, and gender.

It will be a powerful voice.

He particularly commended his future spokeswoman for her expertise, integrity and talent. “She will be a powerful voice speaking on behalf of me and this government,” said the 79-year-old.

By Biden for years

Karen Jean-Pierre was born on the French Caribbean island of Martinique but grew up in New York. She attended Columbia University and graduated with a master’s degree in Public Administration. Jean-Pierre worked in the administration of former US President Barack Obama and was an advisor to Joe Biden for several years.

According to media reports, her ancestor Jen Psaki is moving to US television station MSNBC. The 43-year-old did not comment on this. All she said was, “I have nothing to say about my plans but to sleep and read books as I said.”