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Great Britain – Illegal attempt to access Princess Kate's medical records

Great Britain – Illegal attempt to access Princess Kate's medical records

Britain's Princess Kate underwent stomach surgery in mid-January Image: AFP

Princess Kate's stomach surgery continues to cause a stir: British Health Secretary Maria Caulfield said British police were called in because she knew there had been an attempt to obtain Kate's medical records.

Princess Kate's stomach surgery continues to stir up controversy in Britain: Health Secretary Maria Caulfield said Wednesday that, according to her, British police had been called to an alleged attempt to illegally obtain the 42-year-old's medical records. During Kate's hospital stay earlier in the year. However, London police said they have not been involved yet.

The Daily Mirror previously reported that at least one of the hospital staff was caught trying to illegally access Kate's medical records to learn more about the stomach surgery at the private London clinic.

Kate, wife of Prince William, underwent surgery there on January 16 and underwent two weeks of treatment. To date, the palace has not provided more information about the procedure, and has only clarified that it is not related to cancer.

Health Secretary Caulfield told LBC radio on Wednesday that the rules on access to confidential medical records were “very, very clear”: “If you're not looking after patients or they're not giving consent, you can't see patient records.”

The UK Data Protection Authority said it would investigate the allegations. “We can confirm that the breach was reported to us and we are reviewing the information,” the authority said on Tuesday evening.

The London Clinic told the Mirror: “We strongly believe that all our patients, regardless of status, are entitled to full privacy and confidentiality in relation to their medical information.”

There has been much speculation about Kate's health in recent weeks. At the time of her surgery, the palace announced that the princess would not resume her official duties until Easter. British media now expect that Kate will not return to the public until mid-April.

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