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Google has redesigned the Android mascot

Google has redesigned the Android mascot

The leading Android operating system expands into the third dimension. Google is also offering a preview of the new mobile devices.

September 8, 2023 at 12:19 pmSeptember 8, 2023 at 12:33 pm

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Google has revamped its Android mascot. In the future, the robot called Bugdroid will be depicted not only in two dimensions, but in three dimensions and thus in a more lively and dynamic form, Alphabet announced in a blog post published on Tuesday.

In addition, the robot should be more diverse in its representations: it no longer appears just green, but also colorful and cheerful.

Google's new Android logo (September 5, 2023).

Let me see Bugdroid in 3D.Screenshot: Google

According to the information, the 3D update applies to both the logo and representations of the entire Bugdroid. The company has also adapted Android lettering. Until now, the word Android was written in lowercase letters. From now on, letters start with a capital letter.

Android 14 is coming

The new logo and completely updated mascot will likely debut on the new Android 14. This could be published on October 4, when Google wants to introduce new Pixel smartphones.

With the preview of new Android smartphones, Google is ahead of Apple, which will present the iPhone 15 next Tuesday, September 12.

The mascot’s new look reflects “the fun people have come to expect from Android,” says Google’s blog post, which also offers some examples: a rainbow-colored Bugdroid, with a spiky hairstyle and an air or grass headband, light bulbs — and a disco ball shape.

In addition, the new 3D display makes it possible to switch “easily between digital and real environments.” So there is no longer a separation between the logo or the entire Bugdroid on the screen and, for example, the mascot as a real character.


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