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Germany beat Australia with Dennis Schröder

Germany beat Australia with Dennis Schröder

EDennis Schröder has to narrate the story of the second World Cup game played by the German national basketball team. How he scored, how he distributed the ball, how he drove to the basket without blocking, how he defended. Amazing, so unique in German basketball history.

From a purely statistical point of view, the defenseman achieved in the astonishing victory of 85:82 against Australia on Sunday in Okinawa, which no national player has been able to do for almost thirty years: 30 points in 35 minutes , sometimes normally, sometimes with his speed, sometimes with five successful (of nine) three -Cheeky from long range with point throws (56 percent success rate).

Additionally, he paced his teammates with eight assists. Apart from the four steals, stolen balls from the opponent, the statistics did not reveal the creativity and willingness to suffer in difficult moments.

“We Gave It All”

When Australia began to “double up” Schröder, sometimes chasing him with two defenders, he drew the play back to the center line, creating space and making accurate passes. Schröder always remained cool under pressure. and a light blow in defense before his enemies.

At this point, Schröder, who was initially criticized for his overambition on defense against the brilliant Patty Mills (21 points), before making the news of the day for everyone on the team and in the competition, voiced his objection on his own behalf: “We did a very good job as a team,” said the Toronto Raptors. The NBA pro said, “We gave it our all.” The captain was quick to bring the Germans into Sunday’s match looking better without committing themselves. Center.

Just looking at Franz Wagner makes it clear how perfect he is. He sat on the bench as a spectator on his 22nd birthday. In training clothes, a slit around the left foot. A Germany without a second star, without a first option in attack after Schröder? Who should beat? Who should replace the agile 2.08-meter Berlin from the Orlando Magic on defense?