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From Lufthansa's order: Austrian Airlines will take delivery of four Airbus A320neos

From Lufthansa’s order: Austrian Airlines will take delivery of four Airbus A320neos

The airline has now confirmed it: Austrian Airlines is getting new, more efficient mid-range jet aircraft. This will help her compete in Vienna.

What aeroTELEGRAPH two weeks ago mentioned It has now been officially confirmed by Austrian Airlines: the Austrian subsidiary Lufthansa will take delivery of the Airbus A320neo in the future. A total of four short-haul airlines have joined the company’s fleet. The aircraft will be delivered from the factory between August 2022 and spring 2023. It comes from existing Lufthansa order and will replace older models of the A320 family.

According to the AUA, operating the Airbus A320 Neo should save up to 3,700 tons of CO2 per year compared to the previous model in question, depending on the route. “The use of modern and fuel-efficient aircraft, as well as the use of sustainable fuels, is the biggest lever to achieve our ambitious climate goals,” says Francesco Scortino, Austrian Airlines Director of Operations. “We want to halve our CO2 emissions by 2030 and be CO2 neutral by 2050, both on land and aboard.”

airspace cabin

The new aircraft will also change something for passengers: the four A320 Neo will have an Airbus Airspace cabin. Compared to the previous version, there is up to 60 percent more capacity for hand luggage. In addition, a lighting system that adapts to the vital rhythm of the passengers should increase the luxury on board. The plane will have 180 seats – six more than the previous A320 from Austria.

This is what the A320 Neo from Austria would look like. Photo: Austrian Airlines / Norbert Androp

Austrian Airlines currently has 29 Airbus A320s and six A321s. Until soon A319s were also on the way for the airline Red, White and Red – delivered to Lufthansa Cityline within the group.

The competition operates with new aircraft

The decision of the A320 Neo in Vienna makes sense. The competition is running with new aircraft – so costs are down. For example, Wizz Air announced For travel from Vienna only on the A321 Neo. It was almost impossible for Austrian Airlines to counteract this. A new plane could change that.