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Fourth or seventh?  Proc has a top 10 spot for Santic – Wibatech

Fourth or seventh? Proc has a top 10 spot for Santic – Wibatech

South Bohemia: Cockerle remains in fourth place

By Christophe Adamitz

Santic – Wibatech team on the tour of South Bohemia | Photo: Santic Team – Wibatech

09/08/2023 | (rsn) – After the Separatists fought for victory at the start, the second stage of the Tour of South Bohemia (2.2) ended with a mass sprint in the Czech Republic. This was won by Dutchman Dan van Sintmartinsdijk (Volkervessels) after 137 kilometers in Studena.

Santic – Wibatech, the only German team at the start, was able to celebrate Bartlomiej Proc’s top ten finish. According to team captain Fabian Shurmer, the Pole crossed the finish line in fourth place, but was listed in seventh place in the results lists. “I don’t know if that will change or not. But it suits us so far,” Schurmayer told

The fact that only two outliers – the leader and the chaser – dominated much of the stage played into the hands of not only the sprinter teams but also the riders in the classification. Because in this way it was easy to control the dissidents and save energy before tomorrow’s difficult stage.

This was also Felbermeier Simplon Wells’ plan. The Austrian team wanted to defend fifth place in the overall standings from Michael Cockerle, which they did. “From a GC point of view, it was unspectacular today. We wanted to make sure it didn’t escalate today, and we managed to do that. Tomorrow it will be exciting,” Felbermeyer’s sporting director Robert Hodelmoser told View on the queen stage.

After the sprint classification, the jungle track over concrete slabs brought some excitement, albeit an unwelcome kind. “It was really crazy. There were concrete slabs everywhere,” Schurmayer reported of some of the imperfections in the field.

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