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Formula 1: Mercedes blast?  Team boss Wolff talks about extensions with Hamilton and Bottas

Formula 1: Mercedes blast? Team boss Wolff talks about extensions with Hamilton and Bottas

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff.

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Spielberg Festival Part One: Max Verstappen won the Styrian Grand Prix. We have summarized the reactions to the race.

Spielberg – Lots on display at the Pisteria Grand Prix in Spielberg *! In the end, Max Verstappen won with confidence. For Sebastian Vettel *it was a typical afternoon, Mick Schumacher* was at least able to leave his teammate Nikita Mazepin behind. We have collected the votes for the Formula 1* race in Austria.

Toto Wolff (Mercedes) after the race…

… performance: “Today is simply no longer possible, the Red Bull package is currently simply the fastest.”

… the rest of the season: “Second, third or fourth place is where we are now and we just have to fight with everything we have, because this season is over in terms of development. We started an interesting experience this weekend in favor of qualifying, which may It costs us a little bit of racing performance. But we have to analyze if that’s the case and whether we stick with it. We try to do our best and there will be races going our way again, where our car will be better as well. Mistakes should be avoided until the end of the season.”

… about Hamilton’s extension: “We already have the biggest sticking points outside of the world. Now we’re only discussing the details. But we’re going to get rid of that too.”

… about Bottas’ accessory: “He drove a great race today. The decision is not going to change – we’ll look at that in the next few weeks and months.”

Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin) after the race…

…His day: “Too dry. I was in traffic the entire race. In the end I didn’t have enough tires to attack.”

… Possible outcomes around the weekend: “As expected, it was very close. Yesterday it wasn’t perfect for us, and today it was also hard to get out of there.”

Mick Schumacher (Haas) after the race…

… Racing: “I am very happy with the race. The second set was very positive and we had a very good speed. I think it makes us very promising and makes us look like that.”

… Overtaking maneuver against Nikita Mazepin: “He closed a little bit there, everything is fine. Then the speed made a big difference because I had new tyres. After that I had to drive.”

… Busy traffic and many laps: “I find it relatively easy to find my way back after a roll. It helps me more if I can drive my laps cleanly and not try to stay ahead at the last groove.” (akl / sid) * is a display of IPPEN.MEDIA