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First victory over Rigi-Schwinget – Reichmuth replaces Wicki on the final walk and beats Rigi – Sport

First victory over Rigi-Schwinget – Reichmuth replaces Wicki on the final walk and beats Rigi – Sport

  • Pirmin Reichmuth first won the Rosemary Festival on the Rigi River.
  • In the final round, the man from central Switzerland defeated the King of Wrestling and fellow syndicate Joel Wiki.
  • Samuel Geiger finishes second on his return.

When they first got hold of it in the final game, it wasn’t King Joel Wiki who launched the attack. Beermin Richmuth forced his teammate to his knees a few seconds later. Martial artist Wiki was able to get out of trouble for the time being.

First of all, because Sörenberger only a few seconds after his “Guet!” From judgment again found himself on the ground. This time the situation was hopeless: Reichmuth successfully pressed on and put Wicki on his back. Zuger celebrated his first victory over Rigi.

The 27-year-old’s scores are impressive: After losing the first round to Werner Schlegel, Reichmuth together took four top-scoring wins before winning the festival with another perfect ten in the final round.

Giger second to return

The festival got off to a great start. In first gear, there was a giant duel between Wicki and Samuel Giger, who was back in the sawdust after a month-long break due to injury. The two senior wrestlers submitted and were then challenged.

But they delivered and went on to win four tournaments. As Wicki won three of them with top scores and Giger only got 10 twice, Thurgau missed the final by a quarter of a point. In sixth gear, Giger settled Marco Fankhauser with a flat throw and thus secured second place.

Convincing Eastern Switzerland

Because of the final defeat, Wiki dropped to fifth place. Another returnee, Schlegel, ranked third. Only in fifth gear did the Toggenburger suffer a defeat. Wiki put it in sawdust. He had previously won four times, including against Confederates Reichmuth and Michael Gwerder. With a perfect 10 in sixth gear against Olli Hegner, he finished with 56.75 points.

Damien Ott did well in eastern Switzerland. With 5 wins and 1 defeat, the winner in Kilchberg took his first wreath on Rigi and finished 4th with Christian Schuler on equal points.

36. Schuller’s Rosemary

Schweez Schweiz Schuller secured his 36th (!) rosemary in front of his home crowd on Reggie’s fourth. He tied King Christian Stuckey and now ranks second in the all-time rankings—only Martin Grab towers over the two with 41 wreaths. Like Ott, Schuller had 5 spins.