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Finally, weather information has been integrated into Google Maps for Android

Finally, weather information has been integrated into Google Maps for Android

Google Maps for Android is already functional, but it’s about to get a little better. The weather is integrated into this.

Do you remember the advertisement a while ago? Google has promised us a new layer for Google Maps that will tell us the weather in the form of a weather map. We’ve been waiting for it ever since. The latest weather data integration has nothing to do with this, but it could be very practical for everyday use of Google Maps.

However, there are similarities. For early users, a small button-shaped chip appears at the top left that provides information about the weather. It should be the weather in the area you are currently viewing on the map.

If you click the button, a small pop-up window opens with more information about the weather in the area in question.

Google Maps Weather 2

This isn’t the weather map that Google announced to us a few months ago, but it’s certainly an interesting start. By the way, information about air quality is also available here, and Google wants to soon be able to offer this data in more regions around the world.

Colleagues Google_nws We have now been able to provide these screenshots. However, this weather function is not entirely new; We may already know it from iOS, but now it will also come to Android devices.

Google announced the weather level in question more than two years ago and has not yet announced it.

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