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The players celebrate the coach for the ingenious “gadget” that makes throws easier

The players celebrate the coach for the ingenious “gadget” that makes throws easier

In Pokémon GO, great throws give XP but are harder to land. One trainer had difficulties with this, but solved the problem through patching.

These are the wonderful litters: The Fabulous Throw is the best throw in Pokémon GO. You get credit for this if you throw the ball into the middle of the Pokémon catching circle at just the right time.

Since it’s constantly moving and varies from monster to monster, it’s not that easy.

Why do you want gorgeous litters? There are multiple reasons for this. On the one hand, there is a decent XP bonus for great throws, and on the other hand, the monster’s chance of being caught is also higher. There are also some missions that require trainers to perform a lot of cool throws, such as the Master Ball Challenge.

A trainer on the Pokémon GO subreddit came up with a creative idea: the player made a little gadget to help him make cool throws.

Crafts for cool throws are easier

This is what the coach did: Reddit user “Sufficient-Piece-OS” showed in a post how he assembled three crafting supply items into a sort of kit to get more great throws.

You can see what that looks like in the embedded post:

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The user combined a popsicle stick, some electrical tape, and adhesive pads to create a kind of bar that you can place on your smartphone. You can then throw the ball along this rail to aim as straight as possible. Then all you need is the right timing.

The user explains in the comments that he can combat the tremors in his hands that limit his ability to throw. This is the only way he can make great throws.

In any case, the reaction to the tool is positive:

  • The coach has already received more than 1,800 votes in support of his idea
  • There are currently about 300 comments on this post
  • “This is so clever, my fingers are shaking that’s why I can’t do this most of the time, I should do it too,” one user wrote (via Reddit).
  • “Get a Good Buddy Pokémon if you don’t have one already, this will help you catch it. Great trick, I’m glad it worked for you,” another wrote (via Reddit).

At the same time, some players expressed in the comments their admiration for the coach’s ability to achieve great throws through “straight” throws. Because most of them rely on a “curve ball” being thrown at a curveball, which also brings an additional bonus.

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Are there more tricks for great throws? There’s another trick to making great throws, even if you don’t want to mess with it. Recently, a trick has gone viral that uses Pokémon GO’s augmented reality camera, where all you have to do is drop the ball on a monster to make cool throws.

You can learn how to make the AR trick for cool throws here.