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FCL vs FC Schaffhausen: Lucerne win 3-0

FCL vs FC Schaffhausen: Lucerne win 3-0


Lucerne win a friendly match against Schaffhausen 3-0 – the scorers are Villiger, Kadak and Spadanoda.

FC Luzern also won its third test game in this setting: Mario Frick’s side defeat Challenge League side FC Schaffhausen 3-0 in Rothenburg.

Lars Villiger (Lucerne) celebrated.

Photo: Martin Meinberger/Fresh Fox

With prolonged torrential rain, the first half was not uneventful, but the form suffered somewhat due to the difficult outdoor conditions. There are still chances to score from both sides. In the midfield, the goalkeeper Vaso Vasic is a safe reserve, in the attack Sofiane Chadder had his bad luck with another shot (23rd).

In the second half, Lucerne was superior. Lars Villiger (58th), Jakub Kadak (70th) and newcomer Kevin Spadanoda fired home in front of 1,550 fans at Chärnsmatt in Rothenburg to win 3-0 against Schaffhausen.

FCL coach Mario Frick, when asked about the downpour until the end of the first half, said: “It was almost borderline and not easy to play. However, the new turf has withstood all the water and is excellent. FC Rothenburg can be proud of the fantastic terrain.”

Praise be to young professionals Villiger and Willeman

In general, Mario Freak can also be satisfied with his team. Especially in terms of the performance boost per second 45 minutes. He also entertains young players Lars Villiger, who, as in the last test match in Schruns against Altach with two goals to win 2-0, is also one of the scorers in Rothenburg against Schaffhausen. Mauricio Willemann is also convincing in the center of defence. He is the only Lucerne player to have played 90 minutes. “I think a lot of both Villiger and Willeman,” Frick asserts.

Kevin Spadanoda is also a great figure on the left wing. The former Ajaccio and Arau player was fouled in the penalty area in the 69th minute. Jacob Kadak converted his well-deserved penalty shortly afterwards in the 70th minute. The “Spada” (sword in Italian) put up the final point in the 89th minute: he used a Max Maier template to make it 3-0.

Mario Frick announced the tournament opening rehearsal for the test match next Saturday (3pm) as part of the season opener at the Swissspor Arena against Excelsior Rotterdam.

Here you can watch the first half of the Test match on video (the transmission had to be interrupted at halftime due to bad weather):

FC Lucerne – FC Schaffhausen in Rothenburg.

Video: Roman Lovell (Rothenburg, July 12, 2023)


Lucerne – Schaffhausen 3: 0 (0: 0)

Sharesmat. – 1550 spectators. – SR Trix.

Portals: 58. Villager 1-0. 70. Kdak (penalty kick) 2-0. 89 Spadanoda (Max Meyer) 3-0.

Lucerne: Fasc. Ulrich (71 Uteger), Willemann, Simani (Albeca 46), Lenny Meyer (Freidik 62); Abu Bakr (62nd Okou), Dorn (62nd Bridjek), Wicht (46th Rop), Shader (62nd Spadanuda); Adeyemi (46 Village), Kadak (Max Maier 71).

Schaffhaus: Enzler (60 Usenko); Krasniqi (46 Kurzidim), Lurvink, Rhyner (75 Rrustemi), Morena; Hisinage, Bungaku (Hasani Al-Stone), Camber (Fry Al-Stone), Lika; Marlico (75 Abazel), Martin (46 Roger).

comments: Lucerne without Lauritz, Jacques, Cledje and Beloko (all injured), Jachari, Burch, Heglin, Ardyce and Campo (not in the team). Schaffhausen without Serge Muller and Dyrdijk (both injured). – 23. Last Shot Chader. Warning: 31. Camper (false).