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Dutch Palace publishes photos of the royal couple

Dutch Palace publishes photos of the royal couple

For the tenth anniversary

Dutch Palace releases new photos of the royal couple

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima celebrate their 10th anniversary on the throne with elegant official portraits. But the royal family also posted a particularly intimate photo of the couple.


Royal couple: Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and his wife, Queen Máxima.

Dutch Palace

  • To celebrate the 10th anniversary, the Dutch Palace released a new photo of the royal couple.

  • Willem-Alexander appeared in the photos wearing a black formal suit bearing many royal medals.

  • Máxima sits opposite her husband, wearing a long pastel pink tulle dress.

King Willem-Alexander (56 years old) has been sitting on it for more than ten years Dutch throne. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, already celebrated in April, the palace published new photos of the king and his wife, Queen Máxima (52 years old).

In the photos, Willem-Alexander wears a black tuxedo bearing numerous royal honours, including a Knight Grand Cross of the Military Order of William and a Grand Cross of the Lion of the Netherlands. Máxima sits opposite her husband, wearing a long pastel pink tulle dress.

The Argentine-born woman is wearing the impressive Stuart tiara, which has been part of the Dutch royal family’s jewelery collection since the 17th century and is one of Máxima’s favorite pieces. She pairs it with matching diamond necklace and earrings. She also wears two medals: the Grand Cross of the Order of the Dutch Lion and the Knight’s Star of the Order of the Golden Lion of Nassau.

On the throne since 2013

In addition to the official joint photo, the palace also published individual photos of Willem-Alexander and Máxima as well as an intimate black-and-white photo showing the two holding hands. According to the statement, the photos were taken at the beginning of September by photographer Anton Corbijn in the exhibition hall of Norddeinde Castle.

Willem-Alexander and Máxima were engaged in 2001, when he was still Crown Prince. They tied the knot on February 2, 2002. In 2003, they became parents to a girl for the first time, followed by two more daughters in 2005 and 2007. On April 30, 2013, Willem-Alexander ascended the Dutch throne after his mother, Beatrix (85 years old), abdicated.

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