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Duchess Meghan: Members of the royal family keep bullying investigation secret

The results are still unknown

Are members of the royal family covering up Megan’s bullying files?

Allegations of bullying weigh on Duchess Meghan. So the palace embarked on the investigation long ago – but the result is now hidden.

Publication date: 06/21/2022 at 14:16

The allegations against Duchess Meghan, 40, are having a huge impact: Even before she and her husband Prince Harry, 37, withdrew from royal duties, she was said to have intimidated her staff. The Queen (96) responded personally and investigations began. But: Now it appears the British palace is trying to hide these allegations under the rug.

According to information from the “Times”, the investigation was supposed to be completed long ago – the report should not be made public. It is said that members of the royal family fear the results will cause trouble with Harry and Meghan again.