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Derby Sandra Falsterbo Rocks – 3rd place, Steve Guerdat, Thiem 7th –

Derby Sandra Falsterbo Rocks – 3rd place, Steve Guerdat, Thiem 7th –

The Falsterbo derby was decided in a playoff between Steve Jaradat and Abdel-Saeed. Sandra Ofarth almost made it more difficult for both men to win. Auffarth was third, André Thieme seventh.

They both specialize in the derby: Sandra Auffarth and La Vista v. Lordanos. In Hamburg they finished fourth this year. Appearing on the traditional turf at Hickstead, where the top of all walls awaits in the local derby, they both converted to seventh place.

So far the derby is in Falsterbo, Sweden. 19 obstacles up to 1.50 m high: ditches, gates and stone walls had to be overcome (Here is the course outline). A slight error at the end of the course ruined hopes for a clear ride shortly before the finish. Until then, only Abdel-Said, who in the meantime rode for Belgium, managed to ride without errors on the Arpege du Ru. A total of 19 starters were on the start list. But the last rookie, the Swiss Steve with Easy Star de Talma before. Quick Star, a nine-year-old stallion who has been ridden by the Swiss since March 2022 and who has never raced in the Derby, should cruise cleanly across the finish line. So two things were certain: The 2023 Falsterbo Derby will be decided in a jump. W: Sandra Ofarth is the only third-place contestant.

A double draw at the Falsterbo Derby

Guerdat also remained undefeated on the jump, and was also four hundredths of a second faster than his opponent, who passed him on the final jump. “I knew that no matter how it went, it was going to be a positive experience for the horse, but of course I’m very happy with the outcome,” Gardat said at the ensuing press conference.

Three-time German Derby winner Andre Thiem traveled to Falsterbo with high hopes. But after he met Contador against the 15-year-old. Conteros finished the circuit as the second starter, and there were eight penalty points on the scoreboard. Thieme had previously shown himself to be confident. “I would say we’re somewhat of a derby specialist. We’re determined to get going again this year, and hopefully everything goes well. In the end there was a lack of energy,” Thiem says.

Here you can read the Falsterbo Derby results.

Dressage: Evelyn Egger is fifth in the Grand Prix

Half of the 20 Grand Prix de Dressage debutants scored more than 70 percent in Falsterbo. The victory went to the number one Swedish jockey, Patrick Keitel, with his horse in the World Championships. The quarterback’s son scored 76.674 percent. That put the couple ahead of compatriot Mallen Walcamp-Nelson and Zack Bergjoholmes’ son Valbon (74.0 percent). Zippo is left to duel Zack’s sons. Dane Daniel Bachmann Andersen had carried him in Falsterbo. The pair came from Østerbirk near Horsens with a rate of 73.522 per cent). It was followed by Anna Zbrandtsen and Coel Filho, with 73.304 percent. Fifth was Iffley Egger with the Westminster veteran. Hof Castleman scored 72.435 percent.

Teammates Anna Christina Abelin with Sam Donnerhall, Julian Bronkhorst/Aberol and Laura Strobl/Valparaiso finished 10th to 12th. Tomorrow the decision will be made at the Nations Cup in Grand Prix Special or Freestyle. After the Grand Prix, Germany took third place, after the Danes and Swedes.

here Falsterbo dressage results.

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