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Davos defeats Zug, and Lugano loses to Geneva – hockey results

Davos defeats Zug, and Lugano loses to Geneva – hockey results

Even Cormier's efforts could not prevent defeat by the French-speaking Swiss.Image: Cornerstone

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January 4, 2024, 7:10 p.mJanuary 4, 2024 at 10:28 pm

Zug-Davos 4:5

Davos is still on a high after winning the Spengler Trophy. Thanks to a last-second goal, Graubünden won 5:4 at EV Zug.

It's a scene that Luca Hollenstein will remember for a long time. EV goalkeeper Zug, who made his 13th appearance this evening in the National League season and will be HCD's goalkeeper from next season, fell short of his goal in the final seconds of the match against HC Davos. It was supposed to be a very important trip for the 23-year-old. Because Joachim Nordstrom, the Swede on the Davos team, reached the puck and sent it towards the goal. He found his way behind the line via Holenstein's sailboat – 0.8 seconds before the third siren, which meant extra time.

The first victory for the Davos team in the third duel with EVZ this season was very lucky, but not undeserved. After the first break, Josh Holden's side had a 3-1 lead, but that lead only lasted until half way through the game, and when Zug's top scorer Fabrice Herzog gave EVZ the lead when they were well outnumbered eight minutes from time, it looked like Graubünden had finally lost the game. .

But with Klaas Dahlbeck and Nordstrom, the two Swedes once again had a replica ready, giving the Davos side their fourth league win and continuing the wave of success after winning the Spengler Cup. (seda)

HC Davos'  Joachim Nordstrom, left, faces EV Zug's Andreas Wengerle in the NHL playoffs game between EV Zug and HC Davos on Thursday, January 4, 2024 in…

Norstrom hits Wingerly.Image: Cornerstone

Zug – Davos 4:5 (1:3, 2:0, 1:2)
7200 spectators. – S.R. Borga/Hungerbühler, Fuchs/Kehrli.
Portals: 1. (0:21) Valentin Nussbaumer (Dahlbeck, Dominik Igli) 0:1. 3. Michaelmas (Hanson) 1: 1. 6. Chris Egli 1: 2. 16. Breistedt (Dominic Egli, Corvi) 1:3. 24. Piasca (Gesser) 2: 3. 30. Semaan 3: 3. 52. Herzog (Kovar, Schlumpf/short goal!) 4:3. 55. Dahlbeck (Corvi) 4: 4. 60. (59:58) Nordstrom 4:5.
punish: 4 times and 2 minutes against Zug, 2 times and 2 minutes against Davos.
PostFinance Top Scorer: Marchini. Stransky.
Train: Holenstein; Bengtsson, Gesser. Hanson, Stadler. Smurf, Gross; Marchini, Kovar, Duke; Simon, Michaelis, Piasca; Robin, Wingerly, Shane; Mogli, Lewinberger, Allensbach.
Davos: sen; Dominic Egli, Dalbec; Young Forums. Gibby, Barandon; less; Stransky, Rasmussen, Valentin Nussbaumer; Weser, Corvi, Brestedt; Ampoule, Nordstrom, Knack; Frener, Chris Eagly, Hammerer; Greedig.
comments: Zug without Genoni (sick), Balestra, Hoffmann, O'Neill, Riva and Sintler (all injured), Davos without Brassel, Schneeberger (both injured) and Nakiva (sick).

Geneva Servette – Logano 2:1

Geneva Servette beats Lugano in the National League for the first time this season. The Swiss champions came back from a 2-1 deficit at home on Thursday evening. There was nothing for Geneva Servette to win over Logano this season. The Swiss champion had to yield with scores of 4:7 and 2:3 in the previous two duels.

But now coach Jean Cadieux's team has eliminated this gap. Geneva won 2-1 on Thursday at home to Le Vernet Hall, proving they can respond to a deficit. The guests from South Ticino took the lead that evening. Mark Arcobello scored after just six minutes.

In the middle section, Geneva Servette found answers to Luganesi's defensive concept. Valtteri Filppula first used an assist from strike partner Marc-Antoine Beaulieu in the slot (26th), then Tanner Richard pushed the ball into the net on a power play before the break after previously standing with his back to goal. It was only the third goal of the season for the 30-year-old.

In the final stage, Lugano pressed and equalized through Santeri Alatalo in the 58th minute. However, due to an offside situation, the goal was disallowed after a challenge from the coaches. This means that the Servetian team, which now sits in sixth place, is ahead of Logano in the table. This is Geneva's sixth victory in the last seven matches. Logano is still winless this year.

Le gardien genevois Jussi Olkinuora, droite, arrete the puck devant le Top Scorer PostFinance genevois Sami Vatanen, gauche, lors du match du Championnat Suisse de Hockey on Ice of National League L...

Ulcinora holds up effortlessly.Image: Cornerstone

Geneva Servette – Logano 2:1 (0:1, 2:0, 0:0)
6838 spectators. – SR Hürlimann/Nord (Sweden), Duc/Urfer.
Portals: 7. Arcobello (Fazzini, Wolff) 0:1. 26. Filipula (Pouliu) 1: 1. 38. Richard (Hartikainen, Manninen/Powerplayer) 2:1.
punish: 3 times and 2 minutes against Geneva Servette, 2 times and 2 minutes against Lugano.
PostFinance Top Scorer: Vatanen; Thorkov.
Geneva-Servette: Olkinora. Vatanen, Jacquemet; Carrier, Bernie. Honka, Lou Coulter; Fulmin, Shanton; Beaulieu, Richard, Miranda; Praplan, Filbula, Rod; Hartikainen, Manninen, Joris; Berthone, Cavalieri, Pertagia.
Lugano: Schlegel. Anderson, Mirko Müller; Peltonen, Alatalo; Wolf, Guerra; local army juli, thorkauf, rutsalainen; Zanetti, Morini, Johnskis; Fazzini, Arcobello, Quenneville; Cormier, Verbonne, Patry.
comments: Geneva Servette is without Lenstrom, Millard, Mayer and Winnick (all injured), Logano is without Carr, Granlund, Marco Muller, Walker (all injured), Gerber and Allegia (both sick). Lugano from minute 57:19 without a goalkeeper. (SDA).


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    A leader who can decide the game and make his team better on and off the ice.

  • 6-7

    A player with such great talent that on a good evening he can decide the game and be a leader.

  • 5-6

    Good Premier League Player: Often as talented as iridescent butterflies, sometimes hard workers who take great advantage of their talents.

  • 4-5

    Third or fourth block player, veteran or newcomer.

  • 3-4

    The future is still ahead of you or the future is already behind you.

  • The rating is North American hockey's grading scale, which ranges from 1 (minimum) to 7 (maximum). There are no scores below 3, because those who play in the Premier League are at least barely enough.