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Cummins: Beer garden vote: Laußnitzer Hof finished third

Cummins: Beer garden vote: Laußnitzer Hof finished third

Beer garden vote: Laußnitzer Hof is ranked third

In the beer garden vote by Sä, Laußnitzer Hof in Laußnitz was one of the winners. It can also record with two special features.

Written by Heike Garten

3 minutes

Dirk and Caroline Tröger run the Laußnitzer Hof in Laußnitz. There has also been a beer garden for ten years, which is particularly popular with guests.

© Matthew Schumann

Lausnitz. What could be nicer now in summer than to end an evening in a beer garden? The sun, a cool drink, something delicious to eat and of course good conversations with friends. A lot of beer gardens. Sä wanted readers to know which beer garden they like to go to. In this ranking, Laussnitz’s Laussnitzer Hof is in third place, and for good reason.

Caroline and Dirk Troeger have created a little oasis of luxury for their guests behind the restaurant. Tables and chairs are beautifully arranged in the beer garden, which is surrounded by tall trees. And they are by no means beer table sets, but wicker chairs in which you can sit comfortably.


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Two seating options immediately catch the eye. They are swings that stand on some kind of rail with the table. If you like, you can swing it back and forth, but you can also lock it. It is covered. “I discovered these swings about ten years ago at Lebensart in Großharthau and was immediately excited,” says Caroline Tröger. And so the restaurateur couple bought two of these hammockes. “They are especially popular with guests and are always pre-ordered,” says Dirk Tröger.

Many flowers set the tone for the Laußnitzer Hof restaurant’s beer garden. There is also a wood burning oven. It is used in pizza on Sundays.

© Private/Carolyn Troeger

And there’s something else special about the Laußnitzer Hof’s beer garden that creates an Italian flair: there’s a wood-burning oven on one side; It is specially designed for pizza on Sundays. Then the chef bakes the pizza as desired by the guests. You get slips of paper on the table with the ingredients you can add to your pizza – and you pick them yourself. Then this note is brought into the kitchen, and the toppings are placed and removed along with the pizza in the oven – in front of the guests. “Pizzerias on Sundays are always booked in advance, and about 120 meals are served these days, 80 of which are pizzas,” says Dirk Tröger.

Some days, not just the pizza Sundays, the 60 seats in the beer garden are barely enough. Then the conservatory is opened everywhere to give more guests a place. “They also experience the atmosphere of the beer garden and sit outside in much the same way,” says Caroline Troeger, describing the situation.

The pizza is baked in a wood-burning oven – guests can choose their toppings individually.

© Private/Carolyn Troeger

She is proud of her conservatory, which she lovingly designed with flowers and shrubs. Plants are chosen so that the thing is always in bloom. And the bushes are raspberries, currants or gooseberries. Kids can then go and have a snack while visiting the restaurant, which is even encouraged. If some berries remain on the bushes, then homemade jam is made, which is popular with breakfast guests – the so-called beer garden jam.

Guests of the Laussnitzer Hof come not only from the village, but from the whole region, for example from Dresden, Hoyerswerda or Kamenz. It’s often regular customers or day-trippers who bike in Laußnitzer or Königsbrücker Heide. “The beer garden is always well attended, and we don’t regret the investment,” says Trögers. They put it up and set it up ten years ago. Meanwhile, they can no longer imagine the restaurant and hotel business without a beer garden. And the guests feel the same way. The park is simply part of the Laußnitzer Hof.