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Criticism of the transgender law.  “The world is falling apart” – the BVB star enraged fans with a tweet

Criticism of the transgender law. “The world is falling apart” – the BVB star enraged fans with a tweet

Dortmund professional Thomas Meunier is making headlines off the field.

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There is no peace in Borussia Dortmund. After the controversial transfer of Felix Nmecha, Thomas Meunier also upset most of the fans with a controversial tweet.

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  • BVB defender Thomas Meunier caused outrage with a transphobic tweet.
  • With Felix Nmecha, another Dortmund professional who has recently been angered by controversial online posts.
  • Meunier responded to Storm and stressed that he was only criticizing the law, not people’s sexual orientation.

The transfer of Felix Nmecha made waves – the newcomer from Wolfsburg sparked heated debates and protests: Two posts Nmecha shared and soon deleted on social media were criticized by BVB supporters as homophobic and anti-queer. But the waves around Nmecha didn’t nearly subside when the next BVB star teased his remarks.

Thomas Meunier has expressed his displeasure on Twitter about the new transgender law in his native Belgium. “The world is collapsing, very quickly,” he said.

With the law corrected, people should be able to change their gender and first name several times in their lives, like the Belgian platform RTBF reports. The reason for this is a ruling by the Belgian Constitutional Court in 2017, which had complained of irrevocability. Very few people who wanted to change their first name and enter their gender for a second time had to apply to a complex procedure before the family court. Another change is practically not provided, such as “gay” He writes.

BVB lovers find the words clear

The position of the 31-year-old defender It caused a lot of fuss. “Felix Nmecha got his ideology into the BVB very quickly,” one user commented. Another wrote: “Mounier and Namesha wink at each other on purpose in the BVB cabin.”

Meunier’s reaction to Shitstorm was: “You won’t find anyone addressing this more openly than I do,” Meunier wrote. It’s not about people’s sexual orientation, but about the law itself, he says.

For acidic BVB fans, the “Meunier” issue may soon be up in thin air. The Belgian is only a reservist and must be handed over. The right-back has a contract with Borussia until 2024.