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Count Nikolai: Not coming back!  He currently resides in Australia

Count Nikolai: Not coming back! He currently resides in Australia

Think Nikolai No turning back for now! He also stayed in Australia for this family celebration

Benedict Taustrup and Count Nikolai


Count Nikolai seems to be very comfortable in his new life – he changes his plans at short notice and extends his stay abroad. He currently resides in Australia.

At the end of July, 24-year-old Graf Nicolai, who studies economics, business administration and sales management at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), said, “I’m going to choose the upcoming semester in Australia. This year the Dutch magazine “Numéro”. “I’m really looking forward to living abroad,” she added. The now seventh-in-line to the Danish throne loved it. It won’t be easy for her family as the 24-year-old will be ten thousand kilometers away by Christmas.

Count Nikolai currently resides in Australia

Press consultant Helle van Wildenrath Lövgreen confirmed to “Bild Bladet” that the couple originally wanted to return to Denmark at the end of September, but have now changed their plans. Nikolai and Benedicte will stay “a little longer than originally planned,” the statement said. Not sure exactly how long. But Queen Margrethe’s grandson is also set to spend Christmas in Australia, as a press consultant has confirmed.

Not the first time staying abroad

The press advisor did not reveal the couple’s exact plans. But it can be assumed that Nikolai and Benedicte will also travel. In July, the royal family revealed exactly this in an interview with “Numéro”. “I think you need more than two weeks off to explore this part of the world,” Nikolai explained at the time. He might want to make time for that now. Nikolai and Benedicte are already a well-rehearsed group during their stay abroad. They spent a semester together in Paris, where they lived and studied together. And it seems to work well on the other side of the world too.

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