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Carlos Varela explains what he expects from the most important summer transfers

Carlos Varela explains what he expects from the most important summer transfers

Carlos Varela: “For me, PSG is a circus – living in Paris is awful”

Blue sports expert Carlos Varela comments on the most important summer transfers.


From Lionel Messi to Harry Kane to Granit Xhaka. Blue sports expert Carlos Varela comments on the hottest rumors and transfers of the summer.

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  • Former pro Carlos Varela takes stock of the summer’s hottest transfer rumors and rumors.
  • A move like Lionel Messi to Inter Miami or Granit Xhaka to Leverkusen makes him happy.
  • Varela is suspicious of Luis Enrique as the new coach at PSG. The Spaniard will be shocked by what is happening in Paris.

Lionel Messi to Inter Miami

“Very good, very good. I’m so glad he went to MLS. The level is high, the intensity is high. I’m glad we’re seeing him come back at full speed.”

Rumor about Harry Kane in Bavaria

“I will be disappointed because I expect him to join Real Madrid. For me he is one of the best nines at the moment. A lot of people think he is just someone who scores goals, but for me he is the perfect nine. This is the perfect nine for me, like Karim was Benzema is at Real Madrid. Unfortunately, he is too old for Real Madrid but I think a club that can receive him will be happy. »

These titles await us if Harry Kane joins Bayern Munich

Harry Kane may be on the verge of a move to Bayern Munich. Titles would warrant puns. We’ve already collected headline suggestions and enriched them with AI-generated images.


Karim Benzema on the Union

“I really struggle with the guys who go there who are under 30. But at the end of your career, who can say, who can criticize going to Saudi Arabia when you can make a lot of money? And he showed what he can do. How much? Once he was criticized at Real Madrid? However, he always fought and in the end he walked like Monsieur for me. He will certainly score his goals in Saudi Arabia.”

Granit Xhaka to Bayer Leverkusen

“Higher, for me, the Bundesliga is a major tournament. Leverkusen is the most prominent address. Perhaps he was smart too, because if Bayern were really interested, he would certainly look at the coach’s opinion of where he would play on the pitch. Overhead transfer. I’m happy that Xhaka is in the Bundesliga.”

Jude Bellingham to Real Madrid

“For me he is among the top 3 young talents in world football. But that doesn’t mean he can hit the pitch. At Real Madrid we’ve seen a lot of players with their shirts a bit heavy. At Real Madrid you have to be good from the first game until the end.” Otherwise, there will be criticism. But thanks to his mentality and English talent, I believe he will be the football star of the future.”

“Luis Enrique is not popular in Spain, but there is no player who speaks badly of him. On the contrary, everyone admires him, but Paris has a different job. For me there is a circus in Paris. Living in Paris is terrifying. There is criticism after two losses in two matches, the audience is aggressive. Enrique will be a little shocked.”