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Capitol Storm.  Trump's son-in-law testifies before the investigative committee.

Capitol Storm. Trump’s son-in-law testifies before the investigative committee.

Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner with his wife Ivanka Trump. (archive photo)

Keystone / AP Photo / Keith Srakoci

Jared Kushner, son-in-law and advisor to former US President Donald Trump, testified before the parliamentary inquiry into the storming of the Capitol Building.

American media reported that lawmakers conducted a video interview, Thursday, with Trump’s daughter-in-law, Ivanka. The 41-year-old is the first member of the Trump family and a key ex-Trump adviser the committee is interviewing.

Kushner agreed to the interrogation. He was not in Washington during the Capitol Storm, but he was returning from a visit to Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, his wife Ivanka was with her father at the White House on January 6, the day of the break-in.

Recently, Kushner’s name appeared in a leaked letter from right-wing political activist Jenny Thomas to then-Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on November 13, 2020.

In it, Thomas – the wife of conservative constitutional judge Clarence Thomas – speaks ten days after the presidential election about alleged election fraud and explains that she sent an email to “Jared” for the purpose.

The storming of the Capitol with five people has caused panic around the world and is considered a black day in the history of American democracy. The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry wants to reveal the role of Trump and his environment in the storming of the Capitol. Representatives also want to interview Ivanka Trump.

Time is of the essence: Biden Democrats could lose their House majority to Trump’s Republicans in the midterm congressional elections in November. The U.S. Commission can then be dealt with.