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Can espresso reduce dementia?  The study shows the connection

Can espresso reduce dementia? The study shows the connection

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The researchers wanted to know the effect of some ingredients commonly found in espresso on proteins that cause Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Tau proteins occur naturally in the brain and form supportive structures there. for Alzheimer’s disease and some types of dementia These proteins clump together over time and form deposits around nerve cells from the brain. Cells atrophy and die as a result of sedimentation.

Test tube investigations have now shown How agglomerated tau proteins are partially hydrolyzed when they float in a mixture of caffeine and genistein. With higher concentrations of espresso extract, the proteins are dissolved better.

what is happening now?

While the researchers’ findings are remarkable, we must not allow ourselves to drift to simple conclusions like “espresso relieves Alzheimer’s disease.”

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Chemical reactions were only investigated in the laboratory experiment. There were no experiments and observations on humans. No conclusions can be drawn about the effect of coffee consumption on diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia from this research.

Nevertheless, the results are interesting to scienceBecause some of the substances in espresso appear to be biologically active. In further investigations, it is now possible to investigate how caffeine concentrations affect tau proteins. In the future, therapies and medicines that take advantage of this connection may be developed.