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Bushfires: Australia calls for tens of thousands to evacuate due to wildfires

Bushfires: Australia calls for tens of thousands to evacuate due to wildfires

Due to strong winds and large winds Heat There are “catastrophic conditions” in south-east Australia that could lead to more massive bushfires. This was reported by AAP news agency quoting officials. The Wimmera region, west of Melbourne, and five other regions in the state of Victoria are at risk.

There is already a lot of drought and temperatures above 40 degrees are expected. So tens of thousands of people have to seek protection. “After 12 noon the weather gets really bad so I leave after lunchtime,” said local fire chief Jason Heffernan.

Wildfires in the west are still under control

A fierce fire that has been raging around Ballarat for days is still not under control. 20,000 hectares of land and 6 houses have already been burnt. Victorian Premier Jacinda Allen called it “one of the most dangerous days Victoria has experienced in recent years”. So nearly 100 schools and kindergartens will be closed on Wednesday. All three national parks were closed to visitors as a precaution. More than 60 firefighting aircraft are on standby.

Firefighters are working to extinguish the forest fire in the western part as it has also lost control. Residents of Australind, a small town south of Perth, were urged to seek safety. About 20,000 people live in the affected area.

Fighting since October Australia With forest fires. Australian summers are always hot and dry. As a precaution, people were asked to prepare for the worst.