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Brazil raises $ 600 million by privatizing infrastructure – Brenza Latin

Campana de Participations N Concerns (CCR) won the rights to acquire 15 terminals available in the southern and central regions on Wednesday.

Located in the northern region, the rest will be controlled by the French company Vinci Airports, which did not violate its initial offer of 420 million rice (about $ 75 million) by competitors.

In fact, the tender followed the agenda of the government of President Jair Bolsanaro, who during his tenure seeks to contract 260 billion Rice (about $ 4.6 billion) in investments over the next 35 years, including bidding, leasing and renewal. Is expected. .

For the second time, the Bolsanaro management auctioned off the airports because in March 2019 it sold 12 more companies to private companies and raised $ 420 million.

Analysts confirm that the devastation in Brazil was directly related to the 1989 Washington consensus.

The event presented a series of economic recommendations that served as an instrument of international pressure to embrace neoliberalism.

Political commentators warn that privatization not only improves efficiency but also threatens sovereignty and the potential for national development.

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