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Bornheim's restaurant “Platz im Herzen” is still criticized

Bornheim's restaurant “Platz im Herzen” is still criticized

Gold leaf steak in the community center: The restaurant “Platz im Herzen” is criticized. But Al Baraka Banking Group defends the restaurant owner.
Photo: Michael Braunshaddel

Criticism continues against the “Platz im Herzen” restaurant in a community center in Frankfurt. The SPD in the district of Bornheim wonders why the contract was awarded to this operator of all people. According to the property's owner, ABG, its innovative strength was compelling.

WIf you want to get a table at the “Platz im Herzen” restaurant on the weekend, you need to make a reservation early. The store is booming, thanks in part to offers that are creating buzz on social media. But the economic success of the restaurant in Salbau-Bornheim is not the local Social Democratic Party's top priority. She says the restaurant, with its expensive cuisine, including steaks covered in gold leaf, and its rowdy clientele, does not fit into a middle-class building. Many clubs that use the hall building see it the same way. But why was this restaurant chosen as the community center? SPD Bornheim wanted an answer from the municipal ABG, which rents out the townhouses – and it is available now.

A unique culinary experience

According to Al Baraka Banking Group, the concept was chosen to offer a “diverse and high-quality gastronomic experience” in the hall building. The restaurant's offerings reflect the traditions and “evolving tastes of our community.” “We support the restaurant owner in his efforts to provide a unique culinary experience that stands out from traditional offerings,” the statement read.