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Bindella is scheduled to open in June 2022 in the old post

Bindella is scheduled to open in June 2022 in the old post


Pindela will open the restaurant in the Geary Post in June 2022 – and will also serve in the plaza in front of it

Extensive renovation of the listed historic building of the Old Post Office in Zug has been completed. Before the rooms come back to life from April 2022, work on tenant fittings within the building will begin early in the year.

The extensive renovation of the former main post office in Zug was a prerequisite for the building’s use by new tenants. According to Post Immobilien AG, work on tenant fittings will begin inside at the beginning of the year, before life returns to the rooms from April 2022. Future tenants will move into the new representative office and training rooms from this time.

Popular restaurant company Bindella in Zurich is expected to open a restaurant based on the “Più” concept on the ground floor at the beginning of June 2022. “Guests will then be served not only in the lobby of the former counter, but also in part of the upper Postplatz,” continues Post. This should be “upgraded” and “developed into a lively place to stay with Mediterranean charm”.

lion heads back

In the fall of 2020, Post Immobilien AG, as the building’s owner, began the complete renovation of the former Zug main post office, which has since been largely completed. From the outside, the historic sandstone facade, which, according to the company’s report, has been largely renovated from the effects of weather over the past few decades, has been extensively renovated and is now protected from mounting damage. “The six baroque lion heads made of zinc sheets, presumably removed in the 1960s, will be reconstructed and will find their place again in the corners of the building in the spring of 2022,” she continues.

By using original roofing and plumbing materials and especially with zinc plate cladding for the vents, dome and lion heads, the entire building appears even brighter than it did before the renovation. “Over time, however, the material will become patina and dark.” With the reconstruction of the tower on the dome, which was planned in conjunction with the renewal of the cellular antenna, the maximum proximity to the original condition will be achieved. It will likely take another two years until then.

New toilets and photovoltaic systems

Inside the building, the staircase has been extensively reconstructed and restored, and the interiors have been carefully adapted to today’s demands for modern service and office space. In addition to the barrier-free lift, new restroom facilities have been installed and the building’s services are geared towards current comfort requirements. The photovoltaic system supplies the building with electricity; This means that the building can now be cooled easily on hot days.

The stately building has been a protected building since November 1995. The preservation of monuments in the canton of Zug has been closely and extensively involved in the renovation work. The goal is to preserve the historic texture of the building, in particular the building envelope and staircase. According to its own information, Post Immobilien AG has invested about 9 million francs in the renovation. Canton and the city of Zug will support the project with contributions to restore the listed buildings. (beer)