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Bavaria shows no weakness – Chemnitz consolidates first place

Bavaria shows no weakness – Chemnitz consolidates first place

Things continued straight away in the BBL on Boxing Day: Bayern Munich won in Tübingen, with leaders Chemnitz claiming their next win.

He continues to go from win to win with Team 99: Kevin Yebo.
Imago / Alexander Trentz

In the BBL, Chemnitz 99 remains the team of the moment. On Tuesday, the table leaders celebrated a 95:67 (48:40) victory over bottom team Hackro Merlins Kreilsheim, thus confirming first place in the table. It was the Saxons' twelfth league win in a row.

Crailsheim was basically only able to keep up in the first quarter, which ended evenly at 26:26. But then Rodrigo Pastore's side went one step further – and the difference in level became clear. Kevin Yebo led Chemnitz to its 150th competitive win since promotion in 2020 with 20 points and eight rebounds, and for the Merlins, Kendre Cook recorded a double-double, 16 points and 11 boards.

Bayern Munich was also able to celebrate. The cup winner celebrated a 96:74 (46:32) win over newly promoted Tübingen Tigers and climbed to third place in the table at the moment. Goalkeeper Silvan Francisco was the most successful scorer in coach Pablo Laso's team, with 20 points. This is Bayern's fourth consecutive victory in the league.

Niners Chemnitz – Hackro Merlins Kreilsheim 95:67 (48:40)

Niners Chemnitz points: Yebo 20, Garrett 16, Ongwe 11, Ogwak 11, Kagame Kane 10, Richter 9, Van Beek 8, Lansdowne 5, Lockhart 4, Koepke 1
Merlin Krillsheim Hack: Cook 16, Childress 14, Murray-Boyles 11, Stuckey 8, Paget 4, Oduro 4, Smith 4, Blake 2, Kindzika 2, Zijdel 2
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Tigers Tübingen – Bayern Munich 74:96 (32:46)

points Tübingen Tigers: Siric 12, Kalitsakis 11, Boeheim 10, Masters 10, Ersek 9, Darko Kelly 7, Jackson 7, Kepler 5, Hellmanis 3
Bayern Munich: Francisco 20, Booker 14, Lucic 13, Harris 11, Obst 10, Branković 9, Bolmaro 8, Weidmann 8, Wemberg 2, Kharchenkov 1
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