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Barcelona – Xavi rages: the La Liga product is “an absolute disgrace”

Barcelona – Xavi rages: the La Liga product is “an absolute disgrace”

After Barcelona’s 0-0 draw at Getafe, Xavi did not back down from criticism – especially towards the referee and using the example of this chaotic, ugly game in Spanish football in general. The La Liga product is an “absolute disgrace” in its current form.

Much controversy in Barcelona’s 0-0 draw at Getafe

Xavi is introduced. He wasn’t just frustrated by Barcelona’s disappointing 0-0 draw with Getafe at the start of the new La Liga season on Sunday. Above all, the coach, who was sent off for protesting the hosts’ hard-line stance (70’s), did not give a good feeling to referee Cesar Soto Grado.

The referee showed the red card to Ravenha to Barcelona due to an attack (42 minutes) and Jaime Mata, the Getafe player, after another yellow foul (57), and also distributed eight yellow cards.

Xavi also called the organization of the longer shutdown times set by FIFA a “disgrace”. There was an extra ten minutes before the half-time break, and after normal time it went on for 16 minutes – also because of a potential penalty that was verified following the advice of VAR. Ronald Araujo was fouled in the penalty area, but before that Javi’s handball was recognized.

Getafe defeats Barcelona: Rafinha and Xavi lose their temper 0-0
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Summary Getafe 0: 0 Barcelona FC | Lots of cards, no goals

Xavi is upset: handball was invented

Xavi about…

… expel him: “I said they allow Getafe a lot of fouls and not us. They allow you things and we don’t. That’s why they kicked me off the field. One of the themes in the referees’ meeting was that they have a greater understanding of coaches – we’re nervous, we make gestures. And in the first issue they kick me out. It’s It’s very unfair what we suffered. But it doesn’t make sense. What happened on the pitch is important. We tried everything, but it wasn’t meant to be like this. I think we deserved the win, but it wasn’t enough. It’s a pity. He started Last season was the same way for us and it ended well.”

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… the missed penalty shortly before the final whistle, in which Gavi is said to have handled the ball before the foul on Araujo: “I don’t see handball there. Handball was invented! That’s how it is. If it’s not clear handball, there’s no whistle. We were told that. I don’t see anything clear there. I think everyone saw that.”

Barcelona at Getafe: “It wasn’t practically a football match”

…the development in Spanish football using this encounter as an example: “If this is a product of La Liga, they want to sell this game as a product of La Liga, it’s a shame for me. Absolute shame. It’s normal that people don’t want to watch football. It was practically not a football match.”

…using the VAR monitor: “We had a meeting with the refereeing committee this week, which I didn’t like and didn’t feel good about. Specifically, it was said that referees wouldn’t use VAR as much anymore. It surprises me, VAR is fundamental to fairness in football. I don’t understand something.”

… Getafe style of play: “They buy time, interrupt the game – that’s their football. That’s normal.”

… ten minutes and 16 minutes of overtime: “Overtime is another shame. Net playing time in football then decides the matter. I’ve said it a thousand times. It just makes us look ridiculous.”

Getafe defeats Barcelona: Rafinha and Xavi lose their temper, 0-0