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“Bad joke”: The German national team turns its back on Adidas – the switch to Nike causes a stir

“Bad joke”: The German national team turns its back on Adidas – the switch to Nike causes a stir

Goodbye Adidas: Starting in 2027, the German national team will wear Nike shirts.


German national football team in Adidas shirts: This image will be a thing of the past from 2027. The German Football Association is moving to Nike after more than 70 years. Most netizens are angry about the decision.

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  • The German Football Association announced on Thursday that it will change manufacturers in 2027. Within three years, the German national team will wear the Nike logo on its chest.
  • says Holger Plask, CEO of DFB GmbH & Co. KG, said Nike had made “the best economic offer ever.”
  • Comments from users criticizing the change from Adidas to Nike are accumulating on social media.

The German national football team is one of the most successful teams of all time. Four World Championship titles and three European Championship titles for men, as well as two World Championship titles and eight European Championship titles for women go to the Swiss neighbour. The Germans celebrated all their successes with Adidas jerseys, which will be retired from 2027. The German sporting goods manufacturer has been a supplier to the national team for more than 70 years.

The German Football Association (DFB) announced a change in supplier on Thursday. Within three years, the multiple world champion will be wearing Nike jerseys instead of Adidas. “The future partnership will enable the DFB to continue carrying out key tasks in the next decade with the aim of comprehensively developing football in Germany,” said Bernd Neuendorf, President of the German Football Association. The partnership between the American textile giant and the German national team is expected to continue until 2034.

Nike is 'by far' the best economical proposition – and social media users are under fire

Holger Plask, CEO of DFB GmbH & Co., confirms: KG, said that Nike's award is “the result of a transparent and non-discriminatory tender”. Nike made its “best economic offer ever.”

The German Football Association's decision was met with incomprehension on social media. There are as many positive comments as there are kangaroos in Switzerland – few. “So Nike is a great brand,” says one “X” user. However, the “but” doesn't take long to arrive: Adidas has a tradition. “The German team must have a German sponsor.”

Another user said: “This is a bad joke.” Clearly, these words resonate and are greatly admired on “X”. Here is a selection of other comments on social media: